My first post!!!! Hmmm.. I have no particular top…

My first post!!!!

Hmmm.. I have no particular topic in mind to write about, my mind is as clear as a crystal having the read the first page of Frost at midnite, by ST Coleridge (U noticed the URL). I shall warn Thou that this is the very first of the many abstruse musings that will feature on this blog.
My good friend from college introduced me to blogging and this post had been long overdue. Having known that the basic essential of blogging was to toy with thought I have started, with no sharp idea of where will this lead me to.
Old thoughts are prejudices and new ones are caprices, and I do require a change from this amazing state of nonchalance that my mind has succumbed to. There have been so many things happening around me that ignites a spark but none that I am bold enough to write about. Some I am nonchalant about, others, well I prefer to keep them to myself!
Retrospect – that’s what this post shall be about. Afterall I did meet my friends from school after 5 long years. Looking back on the years I have lived, it does not seem to me that I would have turned out any thing better than what I am now. A happy family, great parents, fabulous siblings, amazing friends, and I thank God for them. I am sure that everyone has thought about how they would have turned to be if they were born into another family, I am no exclusion. I have finally concluded that this was the best for me. The question also arises about friendship, and it is better late than never to clear any fog. Relationships, well People who know me know that I am nonchalant about the opposite sex, and hence none to count on. The favourite word for this post seems to be nonchalant, maybe due to the subdued state of activity happening in my grey matter. I must stop running around the bush and start thinking of something, anything to write about.
Incase you have really had the patience to read the above infantile gibberish, I applaud your patience and apologise for the misery. I had already warned you about the absurdity of this blog.

3 thoughts on “My first post!!!! Hmmm.. I have no particular top…

  1. Hey Motts !!!

    Welcome.. welcome…
    I am glad u decided to join the club, so while i am sure of meeting each other in the IIMs , i can afford to think of meeting in the blog world (i guess).

    Waitin for some “dhamake-daar” stuff


  2. Hey me 1st!
    Welcome to the blogging world. I am sure u r gonna give us great stuff in the days to come. Looking fwd to seeing more of ur abstruse percepts.


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