Ok.. The peace is gone. The silence shattered. My…

Ok.. The peace is gone. The silence shattered.

My news paper reading habit is not very tasking. I do not scrutinize the news to every li’l bit. But yes, nevertheless I do read it. Being an ardent fan of the written word, I appreciate the few interesting articles that feature in everyday news. These days however there are completely undeserving topics making the headlines. So that section is skipped. The editorials are a must read. I remember days when editorials were diplomatic, pondered on all the avenues and premises of the topic at hand and yet did not take a stand on the topic. These editorials were making people think. Their thought were theirs, but ends none of their own. Today it has degraded to the extent of favoring a particular view. The Editorial board does realize the power of the medium and hence would exploit it to the maximum. Does this ring a bell? On the lines of the news channels? Hmmmm… That’s another very sad story. Common sense is so un-common these days! When people tell us their opinions instead of just plain unadulterated news, how can the junta take a stand on anything? I am venturing away from my initial thought.
So what’s with the news you ask? Here goes. You may have read or even written down on the topic of affirmative action taking the help of reservation. This is by far the worst that I have read – in today’s newspaper. A survey on the population of journalists in the top newspapers of the country suggests that this field is dominated by the upper caste people. A dismal amount is held by the largest segment of population – the OBC. Before I know it I may well be buying a newspaper meant for the uppercaste run and produced by people from the same caste. I may be exaggerating, but I am prepared for it. We may have learnt that caste is a social evil in school, I wonder why then is the union ministry is taking action based on such an evil. I am no communist. I will definitely allow the government to divide and rule based on caste. Afterall I do belong to the upper class and it doesn’t hurt me to look down on the backward classes. All coins have two faces to them. If a person can get priviledges on the basis of his/her caste, definitely endorsing their caste in all walks of life should be a part of the package.

Anyways, that’s just the anti-reservation spirit writing. But then, the last question remains. With the office of profit bill and the like happening, why are there no surveys on the grounds of caste taking place to show us the membership of Political parties. Why are there no statistics about the decision makers of the various political parties, the ministry also should not be spared. Can Indian politics practice before it Preaches!?!?!?!?!

One thought on “Ok.. The peace is gone. The silence shattered. My…

  1. Politics is just a circus. The show must go on. Aam junta is just a mock viewer.

    Somehow the forth piller of democracy (media) got carried away with the bloody politics. It has lost all its meaning.


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