Two worlds

My Friend’s blog had this one topic that I felt I had to write about. Two Worlds he said and went on this way…

…The ‘two worlds’ I refer to are two different stages of a human’s life – childhood and adulthood. Do you love kids? Most of us do.Rite?? Ever wondered what makes us love them? Are we even conscious of the fact that we love them.. I suppose most often it is an un-conscious process… I am attempting to understand, if not all of it, atleast some portion of it…

Well, ok, people know how much I love kids, I really don’t. Being the eldest of the lot as far as my maternal family is concerned, I have to baby sit a huge army of lilliputians when the older people do their chores. This is not any peace loving person’s pleasant ordeal.
Then he goes onto write about how as kids we desire to ride bikes, drive cars, have girlfriends/boyfriends, make our decisions and when we eventually grow up, we desire to be kids. Long for our childhood Here’s the link:

As far as I am concerned, the child in me never grew up. Come on, I have to put up with a lot of kids and even though it is not my favourite pastime they love me a lot. So lets investigate what makes us this way. I do not want to live my childhood again, once was memorable and those memories last for ever. But why do people when they grow, decide not to enjoy the little things that once made them happy. Imagine how u could still play hide and seek with 5 year olds and hold a valid drivers license, with out feeling out of place.

Elders do call me immature at times when it comes to fooling around like a primary school kid, but if being mature means, I cant just do my thing, cant roll around in the mud playing, cant eat an icecream with out a desert spoon and all that blah blah, I prefer to be immature.

Growing up, and becomin mature, some how has narrowed down the angle of thought. Do we really think about why the moon appears orange sometimes? Even if we do, do we ask people if they know the answer to it? NO, just because we as adults don’t want to be seen wasting our precious time on trivialities.Hmmm… we just quit learning and exploring as we grew up. We had a broad spectrum to think in when we kids,our imagination ran wild; but now we do not think out of the box, we can let imagination run wild, mostly perverted.

I for one realise the pleasures of being a kid, and I refuse to grow up. For those who want me to act my age, all I can say is, I have got the best of the two worlds, why would I want to give up on one???

One thought on “Two worlds

  1. sahi hai !!!

    Wish you dont’ ever have to lose out on either of the worlds. And as for me, I am still raring to kheechofying your cheeks the moment I get a chance. So watch out 🙂


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