2B or not 2B?

Well, that was on an invite that I’d received a while ago and more than anything else, it has been occupying my mind for ‘oh-so-many’ days.
2B or not to B? A very dangerous question if one were depressed and on an extreme high. But since I am only maudlin and mooching around delirium, the question does not actually come across as an extremist’s point of view.
All this may be yet another one of my really obscure thoughts on life and in case you have tolerated with it this far, I presume you have a great level of tolerance and give you an applause for the same.
This topic is definitely an all time favourite. [Slightly in third person and majorly impersonal]
Ever wondered what many people in your social circle are thinking about at the moment? It’s definitely got to be a “2B or not to B” situation in question.
One such person has a problem; a real 2B or not to B issue. Dreams of making it big, venturing with the who’s who of the field, lots of travel… and if one has been working for it and yearning for it for quite sometime and it all of sudden slips… dreams shattered… all because of something as trivial as money… or the lack of it. Think of someone who has planned everyday of every month of every year ahead, this person has to go back to square one because of this. Can a pedantic soul recuperate from such a disaster? Thoughts galore. I can sit at this desk and pen down my pity but would the same avenue prove to be a gateway for me if I were to be facing a situation like this? Perhaps yes, only whatever was penned down would never see the light of the day.
What would this person do is a question that remains unanswered. When confronted with a question, ‘what do you think I should do now?’ it left me speechless. Dwelling close to depression, actually a freaky thing, gave me the creeps to even think of the answers. The only solace being that what rubs off this person is the optimism and the positivism. Hence I shall retain my sanity abt this frnd. God bless.. Everyone.
PS: never ever have I seen money play such a pivotal role in making and breaking destiny. And am sure you are pondering on a 2B or not to B thought.


2 thoughts on “2B or not 2B?

  1. Awesome thought to pen down a post bout the situation you came across.

    Its a tough call and no one but that friend of yours can feel the pain of having suffered a major loss as is dreams. I may not understand the gravity of the situation your friend faced, but I am certain most people come across situations where they ‘think’ they have lost everything. I choose the word ‘think’ cos I believe “Life does not give you any more than what you think you deserve”. And yes there may be a period of slack but they do rise from the ashes and begin chasing their dreams again. My friend Yash best expresses this as “Jo chalti jaaye, wohi zindagi hai”.

    My own experience from last years drudgery at workplace has built in faith in Mike’s (my clients) words who served in the US Airforce for over 6 years – “If it does nto kill you; it only makes you stronger. Thats” Life !!!”


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