People actually read my Blog! So when there was no…

People actually read my Blog! So when there was no action for a long time, frequent and not so frequent visitors came across asking me enquiring about future posts or even thinking about posting. So here goes…

A change of location.

It has been a month since I shifted base to the Deccan plateau/plain [I never was interested in Geography]. A new job brought with it a new environment, new friends and new experiences. Some good some bad! Well, actually nothing that would be worth complaining about or even qualifies.

Since the last post, which by the way had a good number of responses, there has been a mild aversion to blogging. The reason being a short story. Something that came as a nightmare turned to be inspiration to write. The short story turned out to be not so short and is incomplete. With the file stuck some 700 Km south on my personal computer, which is not anymore personal, the only option to write is to Blog. So getting over the first hurdle… Phew!!!

Where were we? Hyderabad! My trip started in the midst of viral fever. I didn’t want to get out of bed and the last thing on my agenda was to board a flight. And all of a sudden, the morning of departure, fever subsides…and I end up at Hyderabad. A cab was already arranged to take me to company’s guest house, my temporary residence. A nice bungalow in what is considered a really posh area of Hyderabad. Posh, in my definition would be rich people with huge homes and a huge fleet of luxury cars, and all other luxuries really close to them. But then this place hardly had any amenities around in the locale. All buildings were at least three stories high and to get to the nearest store you would have to walk a good half hour! So finally when weekends came, and boredom struck, moving out of the guest house seemed to be very enticing.

A paying guest accommodation was what was in store. A reasonable place. Warm people, who took me into their family right away. Now that I am all settled in and having fun I thought I may as well start writing about it. [Special mention about the food I get here… Yummy!!!] [PS Mom, in case you are reading I do miss your cooking a lot too]

My first happy moment was when I saw the auto rickshaw meter working. For those of you who don’t what I am talking about, all three wheel public transport automobiles have a little box near the driver’s seat. These things are what determine the fare that u need to pay for your journey. And seeing, what I considered to be antique pieces that were mere objects of decoration, in working condition was a huge setback. Then, the traffic! The existence of traffic rules and the explicit lack of disciplined drivers are so evident on the roads of Hyderabad. In case there is a truck carrying your favourite soft drink or anything else that you would require, you can happily put out your hand and take it, unless the truck is parked inside your vehicle.

Having formed a good circle of friends, and hanging out around the normal places, the city is not too very different. It is congested, polluted, and dirty but it has its own advantages also. [I may have to do some more research on that part]. All weekends fly away just like that because of these guys. They have already taken me out to a whole lot of places, and they are so much fun to be with. Have not felt the home sickness syndrome as yet only because of them.

Work on the other hand is some thing that cannot be expressed in words. There are different kinds of people that I could not have imagined existed in this part of the world. I am not being racist, but when some one breaks the prototype Indian version; you are left at a loss of words. People from different backgrounds and different interests coming together at one place is quite an enriching experience. All things come with one or two minuses and so does this. However, it is not worth writing about.

Everyone at work is addicted to the internet. Blogs, websites, and all the rest in between, you name it they have it. I often have wondered if I am at the right place, but the enthusiasm with which they share knowledge and help others learn really makes one feel at home. Chance happening: I happened to show my colleague, also my buddy, my Blog; the reaction was astounding [obviously for the most spoken about post here]. It was further encouragement to write here. It is very co-incidental that I am feeling cupid’s strong influence, ever since I saw Moonlight Drive’s lyrics on Hjkl’s profile. It is high time I got over him. [Incase you are not on the right track, got out of this issue]. Not digressing from the topic. So my buddy. He has a Blog too [“Rahul Rishi” on Blog roll]. A rather simple guy, very kind and caring. I really do not know what would have happened if it were not for him helping me around in the so many issues that I have had. From finding a house to setting up my computer, he helped me out. The idea of having a buddy for a new hire is a good thing, but the kind of buddy I got is amazing. [This will go in his review, if I get to write one that is]

Another thing about this city is that pretty much everyone is committed or is in an open relationship or even worse, married. Very few singles. All the good-looking ones already taken. Sigh! But why bother, for now I am content with his Moonlight Drive!


5 thoughts on “People actually read my Blog! So when there was no…

  1. Dont know who are you, just came down from pritesh’s page…. I liked reading the post….. Biryani khao, aur freakout maaro


  2. Hey buddy…as u know m already a fan of ur writing skills, this one comes staright from der only. keep it up u have ways to go…
    n thanks for those few lines..n my mom still think that m useless…huh


  3. Hey hey Hey,

    I think you didnt notice something You have Delete option in Blogspot just like Orkut.. he he he he. Jokes apart .. Cool Blog looking forward to many more posts.


  4. thank you. but unfortuantely i dont have the resources to go blogging as before.. so willt ake time between posts. 🙂


  5. interesting…
    a good restart…
    a new place always comes to you with nice little stories… and of course experiences…
    good that you enjoying it..


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