Thought Process automation????

I have always thought of funny and odd situations but I have never before realised that I usually, atleast once a week am in one. For instance, when in college, I forgot the name of a person who I met everyday of college, thus failing to introduce the person to the someone who accompanied me. How can some one possibly forget the name of someone who u meet every working day??? I thought I was developing Alzheimer’s or something. Reiterating my fears is the present condition of a major deterioration in English(spoken and written). Lets see if I can cope up and get out of the stale situation.

I had started writing this post in the morning way before I started work today and now its way after work time and I have not a clue as to where my thought was leading me to. Anyways about the situations. As Murphy would please, why me!!!! The other day I had to see my friend, who is senior to me, get the blues by merely speaking to a person from Motorola. Talk about Customer service! So Dear friend gets all upset, irritated, and pessimistic. And even better was when we got out of the premises and she took a photo of the huge Abhishek Bachchan poster on the exterior of the building. Mood swings!?!?

And a phone call home later and speaking to Dad, I have no clue of what to do next, except for leaving this post as it is as going home!

Ok. Feb 23. So I called up this friend’s whose birthday it is today and began my day. The most interesting thing that happened to me was Vint Cerf’s speech. He is fondly called, with all due respect, as the “baap of the internet” by colleagues here. It was not all the tech stuff that he talked about, that was interesting, but the way he thought. All has had was a slide show which could have passed for a normal presentation. But he made it interesting. Connecting the little dots; making it simple for people from non technical background. These are details that lesser mortals like me would miss. Lets see how can I put it across to you underprivileged people.(Not biasing here, but I think I have had the privilege, it’s a once in a life time opportunity and I am glad I got it; you don’t get to listen to people like him too very often.) So he states this example for gadgets using the internet. Refrigerators with plasma displays that are connected to www! [don’t even think of asking!!!] So this high end model has a gr8 feature and it would evolve or morph into some thing that can decide what u can cook based on its contents. Or even better send you a list when shopping and keep inventory. Then after a while we had this other example of Japanese intelligence. Intelligent bathroom scales. It would evolve into something that can recognize the individual’s weight and other stuff and send it to your doc. Now he just connects all the examples and makes a small network. So when your bathroom scale sends the data to your doc, the refrigerator is also advised, so next time you open it, maybe it just wont part with your ice cream or would give you only diet recipes, or maybe even not open at all! I would never have thought of all this so relatively. The rest of the stuff from the hour long talk would be terribly enormous to write about. But I am glad I have brains that were functional, at least not to his scale, but fair enough to absorb his talk. Guess that’s why he is who he is and we are happily browsing the internet and exploiting all the benefits not bothered about TCP/IP or IPv4 and IPv6.


I still can’t figure out how to connect the dots.

One thing is for sure, if I had a teacher even closer like him, I would have appreciated what I learnt. The passion, the zest with which people like him go about their business, rubs into you making you want to act on the same lines.

Oh and ironically, I just wanted to write about this, and from starting with forgetfulness to joining dots! I never figured it was automated!!!!

One thought on “Thought Process automation????

  1. ello jee …
    bathroom scale to intelligent refridgerators eh? sounds like something i can use 😛
    hows work babe? long time no see … and if u do see .. u will find tat u have been tagged. reply mandatory.


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