good times….

Sitting in a cab going home from a long day at work [note: long day at work, not “working my arse off” at work] with two fellow Googlers who are probably thinking why this mad woman is writing and what is she writing about! Four years of writing assignments and records in a fast moving college bus has given me enough practice to write in an office cab stuck in traffic, moving at the rate of 5kmph, makes me realise that Hyderabad is not that bad a city after all. Look at anything, lets say 30 feet above the ground level and 30 feet far from you [you are stationary for a min of 3 minutes given the traffic], what you see is something that is right out of a film set. Bright lights, a very light hazy fog, due to the pollution – a very dreamy setting. Look right in front of you – a scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – the maze, Desperate souls trying to get to the other side of the road, making their way through the maze of Beelzebub automobiles of all sizes and shapes. It can also be a scene being shot for Jurassic Park [the magic of animation!]. You never know what is lurking in the behind and when something can spring up and take you for a ride.

During our final and pre-final years in college, when Sujatha was preparing for GRE and me for CAT, we used to improve our math by playing around with numbers from the number plates of vehicles. Oh, btw it is 1kmph now! So the number plates – it really improves your math – try it sometimes, and no, we were not completely jobless as you think. Here in Hyderabad, you really cant do that kind of thing, mostly because you cant see the number plates; the vehicles are too close or too far according to normal (not my!) visibility standards. Oh… and all this I wrote while travelling a very short distance, and then later when we covered the last 10 km in 10 mins I really couldn’t do much. Btw, the entire journey of 20 odd km took me an hour!

Now that I have brought Sujatha into the picture I had rather write about her – long due! For all “moments of verdant merriment” that we cherished! I didn’t know her from the first day of college; neither were we the most outgoing personalities in the bus. But some how we got to become good friends. Our friendship grew, or dramatically speaking, [I thought I could get something, but courtesy Paul], from germination to blossoming, during our bus journeys. Well like typical lovebirds [stop thinking fellas] she used to hold a seat for me next to hers in the morning and I did the same in the eve! [I really don’t know why I want to describe the process of reserving seats in this manner! Lol! Sujatha, I know you love me even more for this!!!!] Then our Post grad plans bonded us together, or cemented our relation [she may really be missing me now]. We planned to finish our masters and then go tour the world ogle at cute looking phirungs and drink white wine in New York [ I can sense your thought process now]. To realise our dreams we did our number plate math in the morning and our much ridiculed word card game while getting back home. And the FM enabled cell phone. With one earphone and two of us, you can imagine how things would have been. It was such a great time listening to the green parrot* program [*translate in Tamil]. Scandalising her with my knowledge base of adult jokes and just watching her clueless expression was worth a million dollars and another of my favourite activities. Even better was when she comes back in the eve having told the joke to her friends after understanding! Worth a zillion dollars! Oh and finally she ends up with the reputation of being the copyright owner of these jokes! And we really did our assignments and semester exam preparations in the bus. Those good old days, sigh! But neither of us went on to study further despite a not so bad performance in our exams, guess the perfect dream scores that we dreamed of never happened. But we will definitely realise our plans, no matter how long it takes. Now she plans to go far away from home, my li’l birdie that she always was, the enthusiasm that always makes me happy whenever I meet her (am also happy catching up on all the gossip that she gives me). Sigh, I just congratulate her for whatever reason I think I need to and am happy for her for maybe the same reason too. I have laughed alot as I write about her[ Sujatha, remember when u fell off the seat once in the bus and we laughed a lot!], just thinking about our time together and the ridiculous things that we have done. People around me may be getting ideas. But it is always such great joy thinking about our good times together and you don’t need kingfisher for that! Laughing does give you a high, I realise, my typing has gotten faster, spelling mistakes are more and I am writing gibberish, but its all worth it cos I have just had a lot of fun writing and letting the world know about someone I hold close to my heart. 🙂

By the time she reads this, and comes to this part I am sure her love for me must have taken off in geometric progression, but I still like arithmetic progression! 😉

3 thoughts on “good times….

  1. hmmm.. Cheers. Reminds me of all those movies – Saudagar, Yarana, etc. There may not be a movie bout’ ur friendship but am sure u have worded ur tale of friendship in each other’s hearts beautifully (While reading the blog, I was actually visualizing it and it was sweet).

    Am happy to have known both of you and am happy for the beautiful relation the two of you share. Wish you continue to share best moments of your life in each other’s company.


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