Tagged by Teal! Answers to most of your question… Ask and you shall get the answer… most of the time at least.

1. One thing you are very much afraid of?
My temper

2. Two incidents you can never forget in your life?
Lots of incidents qualify, picking the best two would be everytime my heart skips a beat 😉 for reasons unknown to anyone else

3.Three books you would love reading again and again?
Depends on my mood!
4. Four women who are most beautiful?
4. Katrina Kaif
3. Lisa Ray
2. Julia Roberts
1. Angelina Jolie
No, has got be me seriously!

5.Five of you favorite food items?
1. Fish Fry
2. Any thing with JackFruit
3. Butter Chicken
4. Bread, butter, and jam
5. Chocolate

6.Six words you use very often oral/written?
1. Generally
2.Yeah Right!
3. Whatever!
4. lol!
5. : )

7.Seven things you like about yourself?
My sense of humour,
My attitude
My eyes
My anti philanthropist tendencies
My loyalty and love for family and friends
My versatility
Actually I like everything about me!

8. Eight film personalities who are your all time favorites?
Mohanlal, Anupam kher, PareshRawal, Rahul Bose, Jim Carrey, Robin williams, Renee Zellwegger, Julia Roberts

9.Nine movies you wont mind watching again and again?
Manichitratazhu, Mannar mathai speaking, Any flick with mohanlal!, happy feet, Parineeta, 300, jurassic park, home alone, schindlers list.

10.Ten songs you would like to listen to everyday?
When we dance, walking on the moon, message in a bottle (sting and the police),All would Envy(Chris Botti), New York nagaram (SOK), Is this love(Bob Marley), Pink Floyd!

Hopefully tagged victims will follow the trend.

Ajay Shankar
Lord RainRider
Rahul Bhansali

3 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Fellow sting fan!
    Never knew you loved “When we dance” .. that is one of my numbers too .. but i also love “If I Ever lose my faith in you” .. aah . the list is endless!


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