One more from last nite

So…!!! I just wanted to use the very essence of sentence formation that is followed by most of my team members – starting a sentence with ‘So..’!

I moved to a new place on Saturday, and the past four days have been filled with fun, work, and gossip! It is Tuesday nite and I am sitting on my bed under the window/by the window or whatever the usage is. I will write about my roomies sometime later. But for now, there is this ‘Nice Guy’ staying opposite to our apartment who has been playing this one song and it kind of got stuck to my head. Yeah, you know I am going to write about it. Well I don’t blame the nice guy because the lady who sang the song is a Beautiful Lady, sung a Beautiful Song, with Beautiful Moves. Or more exotically wording it, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. And no I am not giving away the link to the video, it is not Shakira and most of you are too mature and experienced for the video( although some requests may be entertained. Seek And You Shall Find). Oh, and she did sing well, why else will the song be stuck to my head.

After the song faded, subdued by the whirr of air coolers, my roomie and I start chatting. Chatting… Chatting… Chatting… clock strikes 2 AM. Phew! She has a lot of patience to have heard me all the while without explaining. Or may be if I do this one more time I will have to start house hunting again, I will just have to take the risk : ) I spoke about all my friends, Vicky, Bablu, Dhi, Gadhia, Chotu, Upma, Adarshba, Aunty, Champa, MK, Puttur, Suji darling (you know Sujatha!)… I even spoke of Singhi and Dhave, you can imagine the vast expanse I covered. Now my roomie knows that I am a huge pervert, I can’t help pass comments on incidents that I think should not go un-commented, and that I can go on and on and on… Talking about all these people makes me miss them a lot. Haven’t stayed this long without meeting them. Sigh…!!! Oh, And no matter how many times the incident happens I never learn to not ask Bj if he has min to answer a question… he invariably pings back “ Yes, I will marry you.” Help!!!!!!!!!!!

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