Yet another one…

Something about my friends, insight for you to understand what I really think about you, if you are featured I know a li’l /lot about you, If not, consider yourself lucky.

In random order,

Bablu: My best friend from college, God fit my EQ also into his mind. Therefore he is
twice as sensitive as I am

Dhuti: My bestest friend in the whole wide world!!! She is too good for any guy I can imagine. Hmmm… let her get back from her cruise will seriously write her a pigeon post.

Sabs: My cricketer, bodybuilder, most good looking, friend (also a mallu). Claims made by Bj are not true ­- we are not siblings. He speaks one word yet conveys a lot. He is not a Neanderthal; I went to school with him from start to finish. He is my lucky charm for a very long time.

Dhi: The cutie with the dimple. And he really is not perverted. Speaks from his heart, although a business man.

Bj: Ummm… mad MBA, gross, perverted don’t know why I still know him after 20 years.

Sujatha: My darling bad girl!!! red wine plan still on! I don’t want to write more about her, it wouldn’t look too good.

Pappu: Know him for 20+ yrs now. He is probably the one person capable of ruining the romance in my life. (OK… the romance in my dreams!) But I can rest in peace until he gets to use a computer. Jaadu hai nasha hai – best thing ever been narrated to me by some one.

Neeru: Known her for a really long time,… the only other girl in the gang. ups and downs and everything else, but the men really dont let us mingle much… well yeah, considering bj frequents here, i’d stop with this.

Vicky: He is getting married! I have to go witness a child marriage, at least he has been educated enough for it, done his engineering with us after all!

Gadhia: He knows too much about me, if I were Don, he should be afraid… he should be very afraid.

Chotu: He does business in diamonds. Now you know why I am friends with him, although I don’t know why he claims I am the only girl he is friends with. (Claims!?!?!)

Puttur: My Puttur always! It is sad that we can’t have those much enjoyed ‘ who wakes up late’ contests anymore… retired life still seems to show some hope!

Upma: Piche – also now a married aunty. Don’t think her hubby (Guruji) will appreciate her doing the things that we did in college. Keep your eyes closed when you step out of home.

Aunty: Delicate darling! Married, working that’s becomes her life now. She was fun before. Now we can’t pull a prank on her, don’t know if her hubby will take our side or hers.

Rahul: I didn’t know he existed in college, until he told me so in IMS. He is nice company when you want to have a ‘insanely though provoking yet getting no where’ conversations.

MK: The stud! No comments! I still think he has the best laugh I have ever heard. Don’t change it for any reason.

Champa: One of my sweethearts, has survived my temper and yet is my friend. Hmmm.. nice guy to hang out with.

And now that you have read through, you think I would have actually written what I really have in mind about you all!!!

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