Unable to fall asleep, at 3 AM, browsing the net a…

Unable to fall asleep, at 3 AM, browsing the net and reading a good number of articles and other things finally get bored of doing it. But still no sleep. Orkut and gtalk help. Keeping my eyes wide open for the next prey who could help me and chat up for while before I fall asleep. No scope. Boring! The days are fun, Mom, Anju, someone or the other keeps me busy. However, the nights are terribly boring. It is hot and I am not tired enough to fall asleep anytime soon. That’s been most of my trip back home, meeting everyone I knew, still have a lot of people left out; eating sadya for vishu; taking my sister shopping; and getting a really huge piece of my parents mind. I really would not be surprised if I score better on an IQ test than Dad. (A really weird thought, can intelligence be associated with the mind!?!?) Anyways, people at work have started missing me and have let me know about it. Sweet! May be all the silence would have disturbed them 😉

Trying to write something to while away time is also a tough task. Brain has become dormant. Needs repair! Then finally a story, fact or fiction – you figure it out(I am really sad at writing a bio). May come across as over dramatic.

Girl1 has a few friends (girl2, boy2, boy3, boy4…) and a crush on boy1. One day, an innocent and honest game of truth or dare and friends get to know about girl1’s rather elaborate dream romance. Then the story of satire starts. “Hey may be I should talk to boy1, lets see if I can help you out” says boy3, “Duh! No, no thanks” replies girl1. Boy3: “ok, then let’s go to pizza, your treat to keep my mouth shut” Girl1: “Arghhh…. Ok!” Dream sequences narrated just to catch a glimpse of girl1 blushing and unable to control her smile were often a source of entertainment for friends. After much blackmail and demands met like this, girl1 realizes this has to stop. She just cannot jeopardize her reputation by turning pink most of the time. Then, finally, (after minutes, months, years or whatever is the measure on that planet), admits to herself that she has to let boy1, who she is barely in contact with due to the difference in frequencies, know about the whole issue. Sometime (again relative measure) later… boy1, sitting far far away on another distant planet with access to the equivalent of high speed internet pings girl1 and starts chatting up. Girl1 not under the influence of alcohol (guess alcohol will be alcohol on any planet) confesses her feelings for him, and narrates stories of her friends pulling her leg. Maybe a little more of it and she would have been too tall. Boy1 gracefully remains polite and does not shoo her off, instilling respect in her. A victorious girl1 tells this story to friends and makes their day, such a sadist, our girl1 is. They ponder on how this dame finally gathered the courage and after affirming that she was not under any kind of influence, decide that their main advantage over her was gone! A happy girl1 leads a peaceful life. Alas, girl1 is rather dumb and her friends would get something new to gain the lost advantage. And there is peace!!!

Now you really know how dormant my brain has become. And no, my books do not have any rubbish like this. Think my next question would be about interplanetary communication… lets c when my brain wakes up.

If you think of anything wrong with this post, other than a major coincidence between alien and human psychology, let me know. The coincidence is but natural, it was written by a human who has not had any alien encounters.


5 thoughts on “Unable to fall asleep, at 3 AM, browsing the net a…

  1. This post is already a continuation… from a topic suggested. then there is the most recent post (somehting to do with…) nevertheless, will see what kinda alien encounters can i really cook up. 😉


  2. boy 3 and the pizza treat…when the hell did that happen and why was i not invited???….and ask girl 1 not to gloat….boys 2,3,… will always find something new to tease her with….at the very least, they can make up stuff…and of course, graphic details of girl 1’s affliction with boy 1 can also be spelt out to the latter…the peering at orkut pics etc etc..:))


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