My Painfully boring Blog!!!!

My Painfully boring Blog!!!!

If you thought the content in here was an utter waste of my time and yours, what do I say Wise men think alike (or may be fools seldom defer???). I have all the time in the world after work to sit and come up with this trash!

Well I realised that not only is the content boring, so is the blog itself. Looks terribly plain and monochromatic compared to the lively author. [Who am I kidding; I probably am as boring as my blog.] One of my low days where I crib about myself I guess. But then Zareen brought it to my notice that my blog was really boring, thankfully she added “let’s change the template” or I would have to go and revamp thought process. There starts the search for a new blog template! She showed me a nice and flowery one, but it looked too tropical for frost. Ideal template should have snow flakes falling slowly and should land softly on the horizontal scroll bar/status bar of the window pleasing the eye. But alas, I have no luck. Absolutely no luck. No luck even when Ekta Kapoor admits I am her inspiration 😉 Spend close to an hour googling and give it up finally.

Like the sooooo many other things, may be this too wasn’t meant to be. Poor blog…it will continue to look this way until I find just about the right template for it. Until then I hope u find this not so garish looking plain blog a good place to drop by when u crave for some thing stupid to read.

2 thoughts on “My Painfully boring Blog!!!!

  1. why do u keep deleting the comments????? just let them be. 🙂 btw, why do u need me to change my template.. becos its boring! admit it woman


  2. Hey

    Liar Liar pants on fire!!! I never said that your blog is boring I just said how abt changing a template. Now that you wanted to hear some praise you wrote the other way round caught ya wat a modesty 😛



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