I have no clue why I have to be in such a rotten …

I have no clue why I have to be in such a rotten state of mind. May be it’s the cause of all the happiness around me. Some thing to perk up my mood would be some really happy news! Which I am not really sure what it will be. One can not imagine that people could be so used to mundane routine that keeps them happy. “Comfort zone” if you may say so. Get out of it. Go and explore the world. There is so much more to it than anything that you can possibly imagine. But yes it is a very relative thing that some may like to venture out more spiritually than dragging bag packs over their shoulders.
Many a time I have wondered how people set their priorities. People who are focused are a huge exception. They are so focused that priorities are their first priority. But people who I would call “lesser mortals” or obvious scum are the ones that tend to get me into this mood – Of nothing but a meagre dispassionate existence. How could fashion and pseudo westernisation be the world to you? You are basically the most narrow minded of the lot that anyone has seen, yet you seem to carry an air about that comes across and the most nonchalant entity to the most explicit cultures. Thou may need to be paid enough to afford thy “fashion” or well if u aren’t just bring them to us and we will cut them or rip them apart and create fashion for u. Argh!!!! Scum!Why should I waste my words on scum!

Anyways, some news, in case you do a “I am feeling lucky” on Google for “ jayasree monotony” you will end up with this blog. May be it ranks first at a monotonous existence! The fact that I work for Google does not have any relation with it. At least now I shall be visible to the world in the name of monotony!!!

I kinda, sorta, honestly feel like I am going to cross the line between sanity and insanity. Don’t know which way though!

the Flowers are for me btw!!!!!


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