:P Thrrrrr…..

It really does not make sense to me. Actually it does. I just need to crib about something in life and I conveniently find a reason to. Especially when I have to put-up with weird people in confined spaces. The act of “acting” professional is hard to encounter these days. Of course, with a majority of freshers and not-so-fresh freshers you cannot expect much. Guess daddy spoilt me bad in my learning years. Having the ad/marketing/media industry and the way it functions, and the publishinag sector for whatever time I was there, this job seems to hold my interest for a lot weird reasons. When we had interns in my dad’s office or his friends offices, it was soo much fun. While interning they would simply come in their torn jeans or whatever they could, lay their hands, unless they were the PGP people. Then all of a sudden, if they are absorbed, the entire, makeover happens. Punctuality, professionalism creeps in. Guess it the increase in the paycheck. Nevertheless, all hell breaks loose at almost all parties. Here on the other hand, it really is opposite. I really like the culture at this office but it often is a topic to ponder about. Supposedly, as far as I have read in the magazines and all surveys that include my employer, the culture is a key contributor to the success of the business. A culture is essentially made of its people; no two humans are of the same kind. Maintaining a volatile environment is difficult in this case. The key may lie in taking in people of the same frequency in a particular team or a department itself. However, that it is not 100% foolproof.  I have not seen the global scene in all the departments. Though in this office, nay! Anyways, now we have a so-called open environment. I say so-called, as it has to differ from the other cultures. If you have to make a comparison between this office and the head office, well firstly, shame on you for the thought itself, but am sure you will need an endless excel sheet to make note of the differences. The very fact that we are not in close proximity to the top management would make us miss the opportunity of taking pride in the biggest solar panel J and a lot more of these thoughtful steps taken to improve the campus.


Yet this campus in itself is quite a thing in the peninsula. Free food, transport etc. come on aren’t you already feeling a li’l pang. However, yeah I guess that’s exactly where our pay packages differ. They give me enough food at work, but I guess if I had a family back home to feed, it would not be enough. That’s the catch. Simple! However, people like me shamelessly confess that this is just for the “brand” on my resume after a period! However, what hurts me the most is to see the exploitation happening. We can go on cribbing about the exploitation of human resources and the earth’s non-renewable sources of energy; but no one ever cares to see how much you exploit the company. I do it too… I write all this trash on my laptop, copy it over and publish it online. No one cares as long as it is not “confidential” information that is being published. The fact that almost everyone uses the company’s resources not for their own good, but for “material pleasures” is quite disturbing. It could create a bigger impact in the long run, if the tendency spreads that is. Like when you are assigned cab timing, it makes sense that u report to it at the given time, and not treat the cab and its driver as someone employed by your family to chauffeur you around – just go and don’t keep the cabbie waiting. His time is precious too. I have no clue why I am soo keen on bringing up stories from the cab every time. Anyways, after the comment by “Anonymous” I went into introspection. Anon had actually brought out some good points – the one with the confined spaces thing, well, I really can’t jump out of a moving cab can I? Nevertheless, I should appreciate the points brought were quite a new perspective to blogging, however whenever I want to crib I think blogging is better than actually going around showing my attitude and throwing tantrums. Although I am contemplating, creating a tag called cribbing so you can skip it if you actually see it tagged as such. 😉

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