20 minutes to write.

On the flight back when I am left with just 20 more minutes of the in-flight experience, I decide to give some feedback about the experience or should I say, knowing the way I delineate from the topic, the different experience in the different carriers.


The competition is tough these days in the domestic scene – with many low cost carriers coming in, and loads of people opting to travel by air, just for the sake of convenience. What with fares as low as Rs. 0.99 and taxes as high Rs. 1500.00 the entire journey would tally to around Rs. 1700.00 max. When there is so much of competition, it makes sense that, if you are operating even if it is at a loss, that you give quality for you what you charge. OK, for the 99 paise that I shell out to the carrier I should not expect much. But then at least adhere to the norms that are to be followed. Well, sad as it might sound from me, I do appreciate sticking to rules occasionally; especially at an altitude where the biggest building seems like a block and the clouds seem to be my carpet. The observations made on this not so spicy flight made me want to put it up for review. While take off, you are requested to keep your seat upright, lock your tray, and fasten your seat belt. And then finally just before take-off, the ‘attendant akka’ comes around and checks if you have done all of the above. Listen to your attendant when they say something. Keep your seat upright, tray tables locked, blah blah blah… This smart guy, decides he has to have a relaxed take off and keeps a fully reclined, OK, as far as his seat would allow him to – remember it is not emirates, and then falls sick immediately after take-off. Thus making the attendants raise an emergency call for medical attention. What a sissy. If you ever intend to break a rule, just remember you should be brave enough to take the repercussion otherwise just do not break, well anything. Besides people tend to overlook, underestimate and not listen. This situation could have been avoided if the attendant would have made her usual rounds to check if there was anyone who had not followed the mandatory instructions and made a request to rectify this. Well, for once I actually must appreciate Para mount, which does its rounds only across the south of the country. Every thing is taken care off right from the time that you step into the airport – a concierge service and all that blah. Very well marketed!!! Jet on the other hand has a very good service and record, but for what I am paying, yeh dil mange more. Also, it would be great if their training program for in-flight crew would be more intense and accommodating. And talking about attendants, I some times feel that these private carriers take things beyond. Like this one time when I was flying Para mount – there was this creepy guy, trust me creepy is an underestimation, who would not let any chance of talking/hitting on the attendants that came his way, slip away – the best part was he did not differentiate between the female and the male attendants, it was a nice flight on the whole, wonder why I did not write about it. And the attendants had to grin as usual. Unlike air India that has some of the rudest staff members ever – also service wise it is a rather sad state of affairs. While on the other hand, British airways is optimum.(a bottle of wine to bribe you for a good review perhaps). Anyways all this aside, the call has come for me to switch off my laptop, I had better do it before the flight attendant comes along for checking, atleast now she has learnt her lesson 🙂

2 thoughts on “20 minutes to write.

  1. hee hee.. btw, it did happen, on air deccan and was all over the news. And thanks for the recommendation 🙂


  2. I am gonna recommend you for the longest paragraphs awards!

    on a more serious note, airtravel is getting a lot more cheaper and is slowly losing its luxury status, which is a good sign.

    more affordable and cheaper ways to fly, that’s how it ought to be. I am just waitin for the day to return to India when I have to travel from adayar to punjagutta and that too standing in the aisle as the not-so-cute- attendant goes ‘ticket ticket’…….


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