Another train journey!

Another train journey! Wooo hoooo…


Well I guess the cribbing days are gone. Not that the journey was top class or anything, but this time Lakshmi and me had company – sjpaul (Officially Johnny) . To write more about sjpaul I would have to give you a brief draft about the character. sjpaul is a colleague who is loved by most of the female colleagues. This is mostly because of his charms; his childish charms. He is not tall as the average male but has a sense of humor and spirit that is way beyond anything the average male would have. In all a great person to hang out with. That being said, he is also a person who takes the entire world’s garbage. Absolute immunity to any kind insult/harassment vented out to him. I am sure he must feel the pang but well, not everybody likes to react in public. Wish he could also teach us how to get immunity to some creatures.


On Friday, 6 July, we start out to the station, four of us – Ujj, Sail, sjpaul , and me. Lakshmi had to take the opportunity to board a running a train, so she decided to make it only at the last minute and hence did not join us. Ujj’s train was the first scheduled to leave, and a visible panicky Ujj was who we saw when we picked her up. Dear sjpaul did his best to cheer her up. We even thought of the sequence from Sivaji where Shriya decides to stop the train. sjpaul actually suggested we call Shriya up to stop the train for Ujj. It was also for obvious reasons, not that he was entirely selfish. Finally we reach, and Ujj and sjpaul run to get her on her train. Finally seated and relieved of her tension, we continue with our usual business – ranting about the usual stuff and the usual people. As it neared Ujj’s train’s departure time, and there was no sign of the event, we thought it would be great for Sail to board her train. We went along with her to the platform; our train was coming there as soon as hers departed. We got into the a/c compartment which she had opted. The three of us relaxed a bit and then as we got the feeling we were becoming a public nuisance we got out. Lakshmi had joined us in the mean while and was sitting with Sail in the compartment and as usual got out from a moving train. sjpaul and Lakshmi discussing about the various methods of boarding and getting off a moving train followed the event! – The kind of conversation that I do not want to take part in. Then after some commenting on the people around us, we stayed put till our train came. Finally, we got into the train and settled down. sjpaul was like the “Kid” who had to get the window seat and we decided all the three would get the window seat by the compromising. Photos will be put up if I get them. We then started talking about stuff. With sjpaul there can only be one kind of conversation, rather only one topic that most people would shun in public. But then a revelation would be when he gets into the serious mode, he means serious. I think he will get there after reading the blog. So after discussing about our respective love lives and having found out that I, unlike my companions, let romance pass me by, we decided to get some food. Unfortunately we had this one person who I would prefer to name “blessed one” (BO) who had to interrupt and make friends with sjpaul . And he further discussed how we were loud and all that we spoke off was heard and would have definitely made a few plays and replays in his mind. There was no good intention in the conversation. Although any other motive was not explicitly evident. But yes, it was disturbing, and sjpaul ’s ears bleed. Poor sjpaul ! BO was supposedly working for the MNC and was a big guy having to report to the Big boss’s right hand! : P he apparently gave us a lot of gyan on how he intends to get the competitor’s product’s quality better than ours. Lets not underestimate here; there is always room for improvement. I have no clue or no interest in knowing what he advised sjpaul about, but apparently a hassled sjpaul had to be rescued. And Lakshmi came to his rescue by asking him to join her and play a game of cards. Poor sjpaul . Wonder why people, even if it was true, have to impose their positions on others. And why on people you don’t know. Lakshmi and I soo felt bad for sjpaul who had to put up with him for very long. When sjpaul and Lakshmi got out to get food, he came around and introduced himself and all that and went on to say what he did. But how is it that when you are who you claim to be you don’t know most of the little things that are associated with your work. Well I guess when you get to higher positions you have to forget the little things that laid foundations to get you where you are. I just could not wait for them to get back. After telling, rather after dominating Lakshmi and switching off the lights so everyone could sleep and not disturb us anymore, we spent some more time and I dozed off, while Lakshmi took up the task of putting the baby (sjpaul ) to sleep. Reaching Chennai, we handed over sjpaul to his guardians who were waiting for him and spent some time socializing, where Lakshmi asked me to write about the trip.





He does it again!(FYI search for “Johnny jokes” community on orkut)



He could do with some “grooming” 😛


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