Split Apart

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After a very long time we part, rather have to. God knows if we will ever be together again. The verdant moments of merriment will now cease to exist from my life. The time we spent together, just talking, making coffee, exploring the world, discussing our careers, talking about family and plans of his marriage in Goa and other trivial, worldly and spiritual matters – all of it is ending.

I do not care if I sound terribly sentimental and emotional, or anything the like, the Fact remains that we are parting ways. Like Joey, from FRIENDS says, “Why God, Why??? Why US??? – We had a deal!” Imagine if Harry, Ron and Hermione are forced to split. This is what is happening. Poor Li’l Disney, she was just living in her little bubble filled with bliss, when she got an SOS for the need of space to accommodate some human beings, and Disnie just can’t say no when someone asks her for help. That is just her. And they found space – by replacing us; no, we are not fired, not yet at least, we just have to shift our place to elsewhere. That is what is soooo disheartening. I am not a person who would attach a value to something like a workstation, but then I have to admit, I have had the most amazing neighbours – BizTrivia and Sail, who gave me all those nice memories, Vade mecum and eventually make me want to write about our glorious time together. BizTrivia is a chemical engineer (with a masters in information mgt.) with amazingly varied interests. The only chemistry that probably interests him these days are the covalent bonds that are formed by the force of mutual attraction between the like-minded particles (seriously, no IQ!=no EQ) that constitute the work environment 😛 Anyway, not digressing to incorrect chemistry. BizTrivia has an abundance of knowledge and more importantly the enthusiasm to share it with others – not someone who acts smart all the time, but someone who will undoubtedly share wisdom if you ask for it. Not someone who would be verbose and loquacious but someone who is the most taciturn of all people I know. Consider handling a person like me, with a never-ending array of the weirdest and dumbest questions, BizTrivia has an answer to all of my questions, and I am left mostly amazed by logic and fact.

Sail on the other hand is like the “peddakka” to both BizTrivia and me. Every little thing she does is magic, (you guessed right, I’m listening to Sting), including the way she says “yes”. From what I know, she seems to be a rather cool-headed, nonchalant person but she does form an opinion on everyone based on his or her actions. And yes, in her case, as proven by her photographs, they can be deceptive. 😛 she provided all the amusement that I needed to keep me from killing myself due to monotony. These two people mean a whole lot to me – I have learnt a great deal from both of them.

To put it in a clichéd manner, all good things come to an end, and so did our tenure in The Cube. If you noticed I started with having to part, but now I write in the past tense (I really do not know if the former is present continuous or perfect or whatever). The Cube had begun to have a life of its own. Before, no one even bothered to venture to the island that we were isolated in, but after a move that brought in Sail, like the whiff of wet earth brings in an agreeable ambience, there was an unusual surge of people that would come over to have a good time and feel entertained or enlightened. There was always something happening in The Cube. But now The Cube is just like any another cube.

With Sail and me no longer there, it is just BizTrivia and some vague stranger – no one would come anywhere where we are seated unless of course, we are spotted together. The move has been to different ends of the world. I have moved to the main continent while BizTrivia remains where he is. Sail moved to the tip of the island, making contact very difficult with the mainland. BizTrivia is seated next to a new person who joined the team, someone right out of college, not someone I would be judgmental about, not yet I guess. Sail has interesting company… three men. Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink. One of them is newly married and in the afterglow of it, the other got committed recently and smitten, and the last one, well, let’s just say she may never have a sane conversation with someone who like that. Phone calls are plenty in that region. Interestingly, her interest in music has also increased after the move.

Poor BizTrivia the lonely guy has no such kinds of entertainment. Surrounded by people who you don’t know and/or don’t want to know – he must really miss us. The move into the new cube has not been very pleasing either. I even thought of absconding from work and faxing my resignation. Work may be monotonous, but people and the vibes that around make you feel positive. Here I have nothing but a silent cube. I guess everyone is silent because they fear they may anger or disturb someone else, who would in turn return the “Favor” by simply making crass remarks, in one of the most acrimonious manners I have known. Apparently, this is what constitutes sarcasm/pun in their dictionaries. I cannot say I have not encountered the kind;, I did, but in college. A very common symptom of immature infantile rebuttal of grown-up conduct syndrome you presume, well… if you can count the most negative symptoms of professional covetousness also, I agree. One day at this place and I am in the stalest of moods after I moved into this job(you are probably thinking if I ever am not, from the past posts). I even left work early, simply because I could not bear to sit there anymore and succumb to all the negative energy. Finding me leave/gone early was a surprise to many. Ismiley even called me later to ensure all was well. I miss the times in The Cube – Sine dubito! … From terra firma to terra incognita, goodbye good times. I hope it does not contribute to the stale posts that I have been coming up with. I also noticed that after we moved out, the cube seems to have gotten a few new, extra accessories, not everyone gets everything! I hope BizTrivia and Sail have a good time even after this highly emotionally turbulent incident that has brought with it a lot of apprehensions and depressions. However, I guess, like BizTrivia noted, we always have our breaks where we can always gang up and disrupt peace around. Hoping that we have many such breaks to bring in some cheer.

And taking MaxDavinci’s review seriously, I came up with smaller, but more paragraphs this time 🙂

5 thoughts on “Split Apart

  1. i should have suspected that the descent into girliness was only the tip of the iceberg….now u have managed to combine some arcane version of chemistry, some obscure latin phrases, memorable lines from friends and harry potter hypotheses to spout a deeply disturbing corporate crisis…..action points required are two-fold….take a printout of this post and send to the chennai gang so that i can officially relinquish my post of “englipish peter”…and pls pls pls fax that resignation letter and go back to chennai and get married to some nice boy (preferably tambrahm)


  2. Anna… you have described the entire thing very vividly.( More of elaborately romantic, IMHO). Anyways like people here say, antha scene ledhu! I definitely miss them though.


  3. i had to read it twice to really understand!

    Wen i read the first line i thot it was your hubby, but then wen i read ‘marriage in goa’, i knew it was sumthin else.

    then the whole thing of islands completely had me in a trance. I know i’m getting more moronic as days progress but when i read it the second time i understood that you moved to a diff cubicle!

    akka, u make it sound like two lovers on opp sides of the nile! you know the person you love is on the other side and every gush of river current makes you feel her heart beating, as you are ready to die just for one glance. you wish only once if the lord gave you the chance to part the river like moses and be able to be with her just once! you look at the birds above you and feel jealous for the first time in your life as they can get to her and not you! you wish you were the wisd as you could blow over the river and touch her gentle skin…. you wish you were a fish so that you could swim across the river and squirt water on her soft toes. you wish you were a leaf atop the highest branch on the tree beside you so that you could atleast look at her. you blow kisses into the wind hopin that they would travel to her…….

    i know i’m not making sense, so i’ll go ahead and make a post out of this…..


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