I AM FEELING LUCKY!?!?! – not really!


I had a great first paragraph. Then I felt I took it overboard and therefore consulted Anusha. Her exact words on being asked if I could publish it were, “ I guess, but be prepared”. And off late I am not in a good state of mind to tackle situations because they are mostly created by me! Therefore I withdrew the first paragraph and put it in abeyance. It shall be posted some day when I get my arrogance and attitude back!


Incase you are wondering what this is all about, don’t read further, because it is only a matter of writing something for the sake of writing. I actually forgot what I wanted to write by the time I started – sorry Anusha, I couldn’t do justice to your request.

Proceed at your own risk!


But there are some things that I take the liberty of assuming I got to know. These many things are simply by observing people/things etc. like when I really got behind the bowling “thing” and found how the mechanism works. (Still think I was good in the mechanical department, have not been able to understand and appreciate the computer as much). It is always good to know this kind of stuff. You never know what that could inspire you.


However the trend of observing and learning is diminishing by the day; in fact not even observing, just listening and learning is fading away. I may have cribbed about how I am subject to mundane gossip during many a cab ride, but I have to say, either people wise, or knowledge wise – almost 21% of all the rides have been enlightening. It is however very appalling to note that the vast majority does not absorb as much information and are unable to retain it. It is very different when you are involved in something and therefore tend to remember more than you normally would. Quite amazing! There were quite a few articles written about how our generation and its successors are unable to appreciate and endorse the written word. (I am talking about Books!) Limited to reading blogs, which are more a personal compilation of ones feelings and emotions and rants, there is not much of a variety that we could read online. (No Keats, Shakespeare, Coleridge) There can never be a classic blog! (Maybe I should reproduce poetry –or key in the Tempest or a Jane Austen)


I am guessing this must have obviously reduced our vocabulary, and yes thanks to our call centers, there shall no longer be “Queens English”. Applying the same concepts to the art of listening, if we do not think of how bad it must have gotten. Let me Finally (Let it out!…Sigh….!!!) cut the crap and get to the issue. I observed a group chit chatting about something. Happened to be a conversation about a deity. Gone are those days when people went to temples to have a chance to connect with god. These days, it is more like an “appraisal” or “ultimatum” meeting. When places of worship tend to get noisy or are commercialized, I am out of there in no time. Been to a temple in Hyderabad just once, when the priest got a little friendly, I backed off and have not gone there ever since. There was a time that everyone knew the 330 million Indian Gods and Goddesses; and their significance. The entire conversation was about who was the deity? Who was the temple dedicated to. Damn neat Experience! Just blew my mind off. You have apparently gone to do business with god, and now you don’t even know who you have done business with. Doesn’t get better than that! An, inspired Anusha, released from her monotony for a while, went around asking who “Aandaal” was. Anusha has an avid interest in such matters. One of the many answers was that she was the south Indian version of Meera. Another one was that she was the south Indian version of Durga. Unbelievably, we can’t be un-racist ourselves, should I blame the Racist??? And we did not even spare the Gods with our racist tendencies. : (



2 thoughts on “

  1. that is far better than what i have to suffer…

    maamis at the temple i frequent near Detroit stare at me as if i am a matrimonial trophy! n then there is this line….

    ‘unnodu jadagam irruka pa?’

    aaah! what is worse? knowing who aandal is or memorizing your birth star, time, place etc….


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