Superpoke is Superjoke with a P :P

Dumb! Very dumb! Could I be any dumber?!?! Super poke… it played a joke with me! Every other thing requires a confirmation and takes you to a page, which allows you to add the thing to your profile. Stupid Hugs. No… No… Stupid me. I should not have been greedy for a dumb button on my profile. Yes, I had lost the last traces of sanity then, when after being alerted by a well-wishing friend, I realized the blunder that I had done. Actually just another thing for my friends to pull my leg with. (In fact, screen shots of my online blunder were taken and circulated.) Poor me!


Looking back, things cannot be undone, and therefore I shall not rant about it any longer.[(Kailash Kher, Pink Floyd, Beethoven)+Poetry = regaining sanity] On the contrary, it amazes me as to how, after all the learning that I had on the job about the internet and the technology involved, I could not fore see this stupid on_click event. Something that I could have avoided or even stopped but instead I just had to repeat it – twice in all, with a time interval of 14 odd minutes to ponder about why exactly I did not get a hug button on my home page.


In case you have come here, looking for free hugs/comment about ‘the hugs’/tell me about destiny or desperation and pull my leg… SSSSSSssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. Just leave silently. If it is really an uncontrollable urge, then spill it out in the comment section. I am rude, but not heartless. : )


I just figured that if you are really vella, you can actually browse through all the applications that facebook has and add them, instead of just going through your friends profiles and lifting them off!


Acknowledgement: Thanks to all those people, without whom this post would not have been possible. You guys really make fill my world with emotional entertainment.

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