Surprise Surprise…

I was just going through a few of my friends’ blogs. And then I noticed…

5 foreplay moves she’ll love

Amaltas(try a google search for “amaltas” its the first result.) has a plethora of topics to write about, but this was a pleasant surprise! Just another copy paste for Gyan!

Obvious and standard foreplay moves that women respond to are a good bet for any romantic occasion, but really good foreplay involves her entire body, as well as her mind. Here are five foreplay moves that girls giggle about when they’re talking about their best sexual experiences.

1) On the couch

‘Kissathons’ are fun because they take you right back to when you were a teenager and making out was exciting and adventurous. Couch make-out sessions take the pressure off a girl, allowing her to relax and enjoy the moment. Women like to be teased. Making out with her for hours and never moving into the bedroom will get her so turned on she’ll be wanting you more than ever before.

2) It’s all about touch

Risky, light touching in in-appropriate places when sex cannot happen right then and there is very hot to women and it warms you both up nicely for later. For example, a warm hand up her top during a movie, or a hand down her hips gets her feeling tingly in all the right places.

3) Longer the better

The long, lingering kiss that doesn’t progress anywhere is the sort of kiss that will have her wanting more. She’ll like it when you savour her, and doing this gets her hot under the collar. Deep tongue kissing mimics sex and kickstarts sexual desire. Increased saliva flow is associated with higher arousal. But don’t slobber.

4) Massage

A good erotic massage will sexualise and wake up new parts of her body, increasing the scope of her pleasure. But take care though. Massages, especially after a hard day’s work or a night out drinking can easily slip a woman into sleep mode. Use a small amount of oil, because using too much oil will cover the gentle friction of your hands on her skin, and can end up giving an itchy feeling, which isn’t sex.

5) Neck kissing

Girls love this, as their necks are far more sensitive than a man’s. Be sensuous and take your time. Use a sexy combination of soft and firm kisses, and keep the pace on the slower side. kissing her neck from behind will turn her on.

Kissing is fun and a big turn on. Kiss and tell : )

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