Some people keep wondering what the purpose of their existence is. I am sure, every one has gone through the “where do I fit in/ what is the purpose of life” question. Simple… observe and people just fall into place… in different categories. You will mostly fit in somewhere.


Ø      Provide Entertainment [E] (eye candy/comedy/or a just a fun person – does not mean that people will be willing to allocate time to you for not-so-banal issues)

Ø      Provide Irritation [I1] (think its cool – well, you are one of the most annoying b!@#!@#! Ever around. People may be friendly, but there are stories of you doing their rounds)

Ø      Provide Inspiration [I2] ( you will not find too many people in this category. Just become motivated and you will get there )

Ø      Provide Insight [I3] (the sort of people who you turn to when in need of a intensely thought provoking conversation  – again scarce)


The concept of the EIII can be thus defined. Though it is found that most Homo sapiens are found to huddle to the E and I1 categories, it is encouraged, to be more ambitious and be a healthy mix of E, I2, and I3. I wish I could have more samples to observe, and study and therefore have precise subcategories of EIII and more accurate statistics to put in here….


….. Off to observe sample specimens 😉

5 thoughts on “EIII

  1. @MaxDavinci,

    Based on your comments, You are a healthy mix of I2 and I3. 🙂

    @ Lovell,

    Takes time for the stuff to sink in. And it makes more sense if you really are into observing people. 😉


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