Aaaatttttttttccchhhhoooooo……One of the most annoying viral infections ever to affect mankind is the common cold. Some people may tend to disagree, but I have suffered from various infections, and IMHO the cold is the worst. You may think infections of the digestive systems are hard to handle, but the cold is too much! You sneeze till your brains are almost in your nasal passage, waiting to come through your nose; your ears are totally blocked – you wouldn’t be able to tell between the buzz of a bee or your friend talking. Your throat hurts so badly and you feel like you just poured flaming lava down your throat a few seconds back. Your eyes water and your nose runs. Seriously want to kill the person who came up with these terms. Cough cough Your nose becomes red and finally you can’t feel it anymore on your face, but the cold remains to take its toll on you. … Sniff….  Why God why???? All I did was get drenched in the rain! Two boxes of tissues, four tablets, innumerable cups of hot coffee, soup, and rasam later, the cold still exists. Aaaatttttttttccchhhhoooooo…. Off to sneeze…

6 thoughts on “Aaaatttttttttccchhhhoooooo……

  1. Couldn´t agree more. I´m just getting rid of my summer cold (the worst kind for sure) and my life is slowly coming back from the cold side of life. The person inventig a universal cure, especially for male colds, could be a potential candidate for the Nobel prize of medicine – no? /R


  2. Cold caused due to cold is ok…cold caused due to heat is worst and thats when it comes with a headache too!! I got a heat cold during my trip and I thought I was going to die!


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