I seldom get into this mood. Such a terrible ‘want to vent out my anger on some one’ mood. But then again, at least it was worth the money invested, the anger fades away. There are a number of reasons to this. Writing about it will make it a rant post.

I actually thought it would not be a thing to I would write about unlike last time. Friday, last, was Preets last day at work. After the, what has now become routine, sending off, the plan evolved to a night out at our house. (Guess the session the week before with all the creepy people, was enough to make us stay away from any place with dance floor on a Friday night.) Lakshmi and I are of course mandatory; then the list included Ram, Mukhi, Sjpaul, Preets, Li’l Disnie and Jallu (we have been introduced 6 times by Li’l disnie, but we haven’t socialized much with each other though; another fraud mal!).

The night started with hunger, and then stuffing our faces with food. Eventually getting superlatively boring with the passing second. Sjpaul made nice use of the opportunity and feel asleep, and as usual, no one wants to disturb a sleeping baby! Arghhh….!!!!!!  Maybe I should not even be writing about all this, I thought, but then who is it that I shall be offending, think everyone I know have been offended enough, or are on the way there! Arghhhh…!!! Later that night there was a discussion about the public slander from the previous blog post. No clarifications at this point, yet I think I should apologize to anyone who feels offended. I am sure that some people do!!!

Having talked about the people I have been socializing with or working with, I have to mention that you should not be forming any kind of an opinion on any of them, or anything discussed on this blog. I am a very prejudiced person, I have an opinion (or a first impression, if you will) and it is mostly true as far as I am concerned. And I may not necessarily be writing about it. Lets make everyone feel good, but remember assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups.

I am contemplating stopping writing for some time, stop posting on the blog, stop work on the books, and stop thinking about writing. It seems to have caused a few problems, if not for me, for other people. (If you really think it did, think about how if affected you, maybe I can write to counter it)

After being tortured by an incessant flirt, who just gets onto my nerves, that every sms/ping/phone call from him makes me want to kill him, I cannot be in a good mood. It is illegal to kill people so my mom said, and he is never in the vicinity for me to vent out my anger. Think if anyone will die, because of the hate, it has to be me, by my own good. For those of you who do not know, I am not someone who belongs to the normal “girl who can be flirted with” category. Be modest, if you do not have brains, or consider my IQ score greater than yours – Stay away! No – Do not even think of it. Thought it was only Orkut, but apparently, these jerks exist in real life. These people do not understand that IQ is a major factor to enhance your flirting capabilities. [Muscle|looks!=Brains]

Also your sportsman spirit. I just realized that people need not be as sportive as they tend to come across (wonder why the masquerading!) and if they are the kind of people that you are dealing with, my sympathies are with you. I have given up hopes on anything good happening during my stay here in this town. Not even the weather! : ( my mood remains forever stale in this town. Counting days to land in Chennai! Shall continue avoiding lesser mortals even afterward. : )


12 thoughts on “PThhhhrrrrr…

  1. lol…i was beginnin to miss max on this blog.. i know what you mean… nice idea!!! there is no fun in being anonymous though! 😦


  2. don’t u know how to turn of anonymous comments?

    one evil way at gettin back would be to sumbit some1’s email on the wrkplace-unfriendly sites that come in the bucket(I think you get me….)


  3. well , needless to say i need to agree with you on many things here (you know which ones!!) BTW you didnt look like you were in this mood yesterday 🙂


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