Ram and the Sardar thing!!! :P

After a really sad PJ about a sardar’s examination paper that came in as a forward mail, the thread began. The mail was forwarded by Ram, and hence he had to be Silenced!!! 😛

On 8/22/07, *Li’l Disnie* wrote:

U shuld have sent it to Misc .. masth mazzaa osthundhe .. 😛 !

On 8/22/07, *Jallu* wrote:

correct….apudu oka chain mail osthunde…..and he will never send a fwd to any1 😛

On 8/22/07, *FrostAtMidnite wrote:

@others: Aiow Rama!!!!!! 😉 stop spammin

@Ram:You missed the sardar himself.. and what is the point in sending the mail to the girls??? e message venakala inkemaina ardham unda???

On 8/22/07, *Jallu* wrote:

jayasree!!!!! wat a killer line in telugu!!!!

On 8/22/07, FrostAtMidnite wrote:

chala Thanks andi 🙂

On 8/22/07, *Ram* wrote:

HEY RAM…..ami ayindi raaa meeku….!!!!!!

On 8/22/07, *Li’l Disnie* wrote:


we are asking you the same Q’n 😛 !

On 8/22/07, *FrostAtMidnite* wrote:

nxt time please fwd to gmail… not to this inbox 🙂 chala thanks in advance 🙂

On 8/22/07, * Ram* wrote:

Sorry andi…not possible:)

On 8/22/07, * Li’l Disnie* wrote:

I like the Telugu conversationd ats going on Adding Johnny ..

“Lage Raho RAM Bhai :p ! ‘

On 8/22/07, *FrostAtMidnite* wrote:


Paravaledandi,really spamming my own inbox and not to mention the rest of the lot :(, please remove the jayasree in the cc list 🙂

On 8/22/07, Ram wrote:

Anduki andi…amiayindi?

On 8/22/07, Lakshmi wrote:

shhhhhhhhhh! enna koduma ram ithu!!!!! johnyyy…itha keka yaarume illaya….porthathu pothum pongi ezhu john!!! Vaazhga tamil…:) Ozhiga telugu 😛

On 8/22/07, Ram wrote:

Lakshmi plz dont torture….by the way jayasree what have u moved?

On 8/22/07, Li’l Disnie wrote:

Jayasree: answer RAM – what have u moved 😛 !

On 8/22/07, FrostAtMidnite wrote:

I moved the conversation to my gmail inbox.. and deleted the mail, but alas, peace was not meant to be for the google mailbox… evil’s back, with renewed zeal! 😛

On 8/22/07, Lakshmi wrote:

nenu evuriki torture cheilathu…..nuve ee mail pampichu 😛 ….aiyyooo raaama!!

nu antharu telugula torture chesthavu…andhuke nenu tamilu torture chesi 🙂

On 8/22/07, FrostAtMidnite wrote:

aioww rama…. cant we just stick the one language that all of us know???.. Englishlo type cheyandi , englishla type panunga please, englishil type cheyu, kripya angrezi mein type kijiye… no ganpat language allowed with the ladies arnd, so thats abt it! 😛


And with the end of the thread, Peace was restored!

 PS Jayasree = FrostAtMidnite; John = Sjpaul 😛 the other characters are mostly the same 🙂


7 thoughts on “Ram and the Sardar thing!!! :P

  1. hmmmm… it goes like this….

    Any chance to pull anyones leg is properly utilised. The first and second positions go to Sjpaul and Ram respectively. Anything they do, talk will be held against them in one way or the other! 😛

    no sight of Sjpaul or Ram so far around here, or at work!


  2. too much content for u buddy.. default language not matched.. move on.. go and spam my other post 😛


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