50 Good Girl Commandments

Taken from Buddy’s sister’s blog. Thanks to greycellsinxs for the content. Another copy paste post.. but worth reading!  

The phrase “50 Good Girl Commandments” generally refers to suppression of the feminine mind. Brain washed, would be more apt, that too done most likely by a family member or society at large. Here they are as the thought struck… 

1. Thou shall honor the wishes of your parents.

2. Thou shall always be home by 7pm.

3. Thou shall not wear skirts above the knees.

4. Thou shall work towards world peace.

5. Thou shall not display cleavage.

6. Thou shall always cover your head when you go out.

7. Thou shall not have sex before marriage.

8. Thou shall not mouth swear words.

9. Thou shall have only girlfriends.

10. Thou shall not steal covert looks at hot guys.

11. Thou shall only listen to spiritual music.

12. Thou shall not read thrash! (Mills & Boons, Harlequin Romance, etc)

13. Thou shall only watch PG rated programs.

14. Thou shall not listen to hip-hop, rap.

15. Thou shall not adorn thy room with rock star posters!

16. Thou shall only eat health food.

17. Thou shall not bad mouth others.

18. Thou shall always be eager to please.

19. Thou shall not flirt.

20. Thou shall not watch porn.

21. Thou shall only work towards the betterment of the society.

22. Thou shall not engage in activities such as kissing.

23. Thou shall always help others in need.

24. Thou shall not aspire to be a wanna-be.

25. Thou shall rescue strays.

26. Thou shall not pierce your nipples.

27. Thou shall not adorn thy body with tattoos.

28. Thou shall not smoke.

29. Thou shall not fantasize.

30. Thou shall stay away from alcohol.

31. Thou shall not fall in love with your best guy friend.

32. Thou shall not bunk lectures/work.

33. Thou shall not wear red lipstick.

34. Thou shall believe in fairy tales.

35. Thou shall dream of Prince Charming, white horse et all.

36. Thou shall not overtake while driving.

37. Thou shall indulge in hobbies such as art and gardening.

38. Thou shall not sport short hair.

39. Thou shall not wear sexy high-heeled shoes.

40. Thou shall not do it doggy style.

41. Thou shall not swallow.

42. Thou shall emulate a nun.

43. Thou shall not go skinny-dipping.

44. Thou shall not get a Brazilian wax.

45. Thou shall only dream of a white marriage.

46. Thou shall stay away from bad boys.

47. Thou shall always feel guilty after sex.

48. Thou shall never masturbate.

49. Thou shall not wear sexy lingerie.

50. Thou shall never go commando.

 So remember, all said and done RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN!Live life, it’s short, it’s fun and it’s worth the risk. But while you are at it…PLAY SAFE!

6 thoughts on “50 Good Girl Commandments

  1. if its the 50 good girl commandments then the 51st one wud be…



  2. Hey Buddy!! Scraped stuff huh… 😛
    Anyway it’s still cool.. will be blogging bout some stuff on the human mating sequence so be ready for that 😛

    hope all is cool.. be back soon. need someone to guard my back!! Dunno when I may suddenly be attacked..


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