random musing

Went down to the smokin bay to have a heartfelt, serious(lol) conversation, the kinda thing when u want to beat the crap out of each other, yet have that look that says “I am sorry u had to go through this” and hence have a civilised conversation that actually leads you in a circle..interestingly peculiar.. human nature always tends to amuse us aliens!…lol.. well i have to think constantly otherwise my brain tends to go to deep freeze mode. and parallel processing is always happening on the top floor. one such thought that i thought would make for some good food for thought!

Have you ever had the urge to write something so badly and yet have no one make any sense of it???? Like you want to write in a totally different language. But alas, all the languages I can write in or can configure to write in, including all the programming languages, are known to some one or the other.

Hope seemed to fade away.

Then came a faint ray of opportunity – even though a lot of people read/write/speak(for that matter pseudo americanise themselves by walkin in it too 😛 )  english, not everyone can comprehend it! Really, when was the last time you had a conversation and felt “Wow, what a loser!!!! get back to school!”

In the mean time, I am gettin back to my Norman Lewis and Wren &Martin! 😛

6 thoughts on “random musing

  1. Lol!!!!! always keep it handy.. you never know what good english can do.. ppl can stop comin around and talkin to you… Guess Good English + Sarcasm is the most deadly weapon ever!


  2. On re-reading my comment, and realizing the bad sentence formation, I feel on retrospect that I might Wren and Martin after all :D. good blog, anyways.


  3. Wren and martin might help grammatical fluency but what actually makes a language incomprehensible to some, and hilariously joyful to others is the use of double entendre.(and hidden significances)..having employed the same with a few like minded souls, specially on orkut, sometimes makes an otherwise dull day, extremely delightful.


  4. Tel me abt it!!!!

    Thanks to all the widgets that I use on my PC and laptop, I almost always have a quick reference. Pity it is in Americanese, but yeah, I you can customise it to English I think.


  5. f@m!
    “Wow, what a loser!!!! get back to school!”
    U have no idea how many times I have tat thought on a daily basis … maybe I shud also carry a pocket sized wren n martin with me , lest i lose my perfunctory grasp of english grammar! :-O


  6. Ofcourse, this is something that I thought of and has nothing what-so-ever to do with the other person i was involved in the conversation with while thinkin. Just incase it is you who happens to be reading it, I did concentrate on whatever you were telling me! both ears and 50% of my brains were dedicated to the event!


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