Protected Posts

There is a reason for everything. The protected posts on this blog may make no sense to you/offend you/be about you/or simply be not meant for you.

If the author thinks you are a sport and can handle the content, the passwords for these posts will be given to you. For the rest of you, I don’t think it really matters


5 thoughts on “Protected Posts

  1. hey, was trying to browse ur blog and came upon some protected posts…wat does one have to do to get a password to that?

    (Damn, curiosity killed the cat and only satisfaction can bring it back)


  2. @ Thauseef…. well the pswd.. it can be given but it is rather useless.. u cant figure out the plot or the topic of cribbing.. nevertheless. i will figure out a way to render the pswd across.. cant leave out in the public.


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