Protected Posts

There is a reason for everything. The protected posts on this blog may make no sense to you/offend you/be about you/or simply be not meant for you.

If the author thinks you are a sport and can handle the content, the passwords for these posts will be given to you. For the rest of you, I don’t think it really matters

5 thoughts on “Protected Posts

  1. why not leave a few ‘cryptic clues’ arnd… let the smart ones find it….lo we will all have more fun … wont we?


  2. @ Thauseef…. well the pswd.. it can be given but it is rather useless.. u cant figure out the plot or the topic of cribbing.. nevertheless. i will figure out a way to render the pswd across.. cant leave out in the public.


  3. hey, was trying to browse ur blog and came upon some protected posts…wat does one have to do to get a password to that?

    (Damn, curiosity killed the cat and only satisfaction can bring it back)


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