Yet another split apart.

Not cribbing about this one. Neither am I happy.  Learnt to cope with life away from BizTrivia and Sail.

But this time I write this as my little dedication to all those who feel dejected, depressed and discriminated. From personal experience (And I take Paul’s words for help here) there will be times when you want to let the floodgates open and ruin the neighbourhood, but we being the lesser mortals, it’s our privilege to put up with a lot of disturbingly entertaining  people – some good, some bad, and some neutral, and therefore live ignorantly blissful and in constant denial.

If you can and want to make a difference to this situation, best to go and lick some boot!

Long Live Hypocracy!!!!

And once I  recover from Acute Coryza, and I have cooled my self off.. then I shall edit this one about the consequences.

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