Life has been rather mundane and the only thing I really look forward to it is the occasional symptoms of clinical depression. But then the kind hearted souls I call friends, tend to pull me out of it before I even get to sink into the phase.

Some random observations over the past few hours, or what seemed to be days.

People may tend to call you rude, but in-turn may end up hanging up on you while on a call!!! Life is like that!

Love birds trying to sneak in as many private moments as possible, are usually at a loss of words, but then when someone is around, it only creates an amusement for the rest of us.

When you say you really don’t care, people tend to call you rude ; and when you say you care, they tell you not to!

And all of this nonsense is what actually makes you think like a very small being. The concept of thinking of something as a whole, thinking out of the box, and not being a “Normal” person is obsolete. “Normal” people these days are the ones who can fake an accent, who tend to over do emotions (men tend to cry more these days due to emotions than physical injury, or at-least in this place). Not to mention those who can two time the ones they claim to love and of-course, it is totally not cool if you can think sensibly! That’s is when they claim you have attitude issues. 😛

Well we are after-all social animals. Like the adage goes, be a Roman when in Rome.. saves a lot of worry!!!


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