Ulluva Charu!

Jammy (MezLearnin) is back in Hyderabad, much to our relief and hers (her first time in this office). And, as always, it is mandatory to go out and catch up on global affairs. This time though there was more reason, the reason to celebrate. Well something like that. Sjpaul had come up with a reason for a “treat”. The pact being that he would treat Jammy back. And Jammy called us too, to discuss Sjpaul’s treat over hers. And thus eight of us went to spicy venue. For those of you who are interested, it is a very homey restaurant that serves delicious andra cuisine, and I highly recommend Ulluva Charu. More on the dish later.

Sail, Sjpaul, Jammy, Paul, Lakshmi, Lovell, Ismiley and me are the participants of this event. Chatting up with people something caught my eye and out of sheer doubt, I consulted sail and Jammy to confirm. In question were lovebirds. This restaurant has a lot birds, caged of course. Lovebirds, parakeets, parrots and the like. We were looking straight across three cages of lovebirds, two filled sleeping birds, snuggling tight to combat the cold. And the third, straight across from where we sat was filled with lovebirds, chirping away happily and flying across to catch the attention of the customers. Amidst the entire ruckus, there was this pair, which was getting rather naughty and explained why these birds are called lovebirds. And we thought bunnies were the horniest! The dinner, which was delicious, nevertheless was amazing, the Ulluva Charu was as usual lip smacking and the company was immensely fun. The lovebirds were more than courteous as they behaved well while we ate only to pursue their activities afterward.

For those interested in Ulluva charu, this is something I found.


PS: By Lovebirds, I actually mean Lovebirds, the avian species,

and not the kind previously discussed.


7 thoughts on “Ulluva Charu!

  1. hey.. u skipped the part where the that macho bird was assaulting that poor female birdie…

    paul was all turned on also.. if im not mistaken he was moving his leg against mazharman’s.. well well..


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