time really doesnt fly…. especially in this corner of the universe!

There are those times and then there are the other times – like now.

The eternal wait. Oh good lord! Like I always say, it is karma! “Born because of the karma of their past mistakes, they make more mistakes, and fall into mistakes” have no clue why, have no clue why not either.

As confused as can be, I seek solace in writing. And simultaneously, compiling lists (seen the new Mercedes S-class a?). There are many lists in the world. And it is time, I made a few too, Cause I really have a lot of time at hand to kill. Gone are those days when I thought every second mattered, but then it is the end of this calendar year, and holiday season…. And I am in Hyderabad. Now you are not all that surprised!

A list of people/songs/food/books/brands/…/Facebook applications I love/hate have been compiled as of today! I don’t think I have been this organized ever in my life. My mum should probably come take a look at the kitchen/fridge/my wardrobe! :o( I seem to be metamorphosing into someone I cant relate to…

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