I think I will die of a breaking heart or a wounded brain.

There was this one time, well yeah, it seems like ages, but probably a little over a year back, when I wrote something close to my heart (the special post). And then as time went by, you tend to forget a lot of things. We have been through that already.

Not knowing what words to choose, or how not to sound dramatic or stupid or anything else that could be as lame, I set to write. Having contacted a close group of friends ( if this post was to be framed in any other way, these people would have been girl2, boys2,3,and 4) and spoken to them after quite some time… I care not if you say a few weeks is not a long time, it is according to me.

When you are friends with people for a long time, and then you move afar, somehow, besides life right now, you tend to talk about good old times. And as usual, the topic of ragging girl1 was raked up.

This was a topic, that under normal circumstances would not have gone beyond a few days, maximum a few weeks, but then in our case it went on for years. So long that now, looking back, I think, it is one of those things that we all enjoyed. And all this thanks to that one person who has been referred to as Boy1/hjkl or anything else ( I really have written a lot over the time to even do a ctrl+F, even if I did I have no clue what I would search for). I am not too sure if he really appreciates it or if he probably hates us, but then, a nice big “Thank You!” to him. ( I really don’t think he visits Frost, else it would have been more personal)

And now that I realise that this one factor is not going to be there anymore, my heart feels a pang – a kind of vacuum, my brain is a lot relived, yet confused as to what could possibly happen to poor me when they decide on the next topic to rag me with.

Here girls 1 and 2 are me and Neeru, respectively. Boys 2, 3 and 4 are Bj, Pappu(aka Ankush) and Sabari, in random order. ( For the record, I really don’t know which ones asked me for pizza or whatever it was). And boy2/hjkl/someone who has been referred to any other way in context, shall not be named.(…may be if i ever gather the guts to ask permission with out a naming fee)  

7 thoughts on “I think I will die of a breaking heart or a wounded brain.

  1. just done readin that sept bit….

    well why not???? whats keepin ya lady???

    let know, let know!!! coz theres this story of mine, well really an old tale now… anyway, from what i know… hmm… … let know!


  2. lol… thisis not devdas etall… its jsut a over dramatic version i wrote to while away sometime….and yes.. not lost any part of the 2 world concept. but yes… alot more wiser and all that.. I just didnt wnat ot write about the wounded brain cos tax reurns are yet to be filed and yes, i shall stop at it. (frustrating as it might be)

    As for lovestruck me… Sigh… shoooo scat…… Phew!


  3. Dear Miss.Frost,

    I have just commented on your blog “2 worlds” from last year. If I am reading you right, as time passes by you think you have lost a part of you somewhere on the way. And I would think that we tend to try and hang to things we love(ed) the most (at least in mind). Time machine isn’t invented yet, so the traces of those events which we call memory are the only portal into our past.

    You will know what I mean when u read “Mumbai Calling” my next blog. So I am hoping that you will neither die with a broken heart nor a wounded brain. You shall, if you should ever, die peacefully and linger around in the minds of your friends as a sweet memory.

    And as a sweet reminder, the love struck jayshree is what I will like to remember you as than the devdas avtaar. So cheer you Miss. Frost.


  4. whole story… check archive of sept 2006, the one with the little hearts, and then april 2007, ‘unable to fall asleep…’ should pretty much give u a clear picture.


  5. …err, beyond me … so hmm… i mite just wonder, well is all this reason enough?

    i dont know anything, so forgive me if this indeed is reason enough. but if i have to let ya know what i think, then i will need the whole story 😛 😉


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