Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs….

Came across this quote some where online, and then I realised how many times do people in love actually sigh!

And then there are people like us, who sigh just to let out some frustration… Sigh…!!!!

5 thoughts on “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs….

  1. Sigh…. I actually thot of framing an appropriate sentence for a sigh… but it is an expletive and can mean a lot as expressed….


  2. its snowing,
    and you sip a warm cuppa tea (black, coz i dont get the amount of milk right, and sweet, coz i like it that way ;))
    and you see ’em flakes slowly wafting its way down,
    and you stick out your hand see ’em come to rest on your gloved palm…
    and then, and then my friend, you SIGH!!!!

    if you ask me why? i have no clue!

    is it despair that i feel?
    have i lost something?
    is it frustration at having not completed my piling work and that am stuck on a particular piece of work for the last 1 and a half weeks?
    is it a longing for home?
    am i trying to cook up something for no reason??
    is it cause i only have a few more quids left in my pocket to run the month?

    truth is a *sigh* at times, a wee bit, more complex than one of the lines that you hear in so called ‘art’ movies…

    even I cant place my sigh.. i, who goes bantering around town saying that i know myself well!??

    p.s forgive me for taking the liberty to ramble and rant here …


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