Re-defining “Random” …. A random chat with a random person.

When some adds you as a frnd on any IM, and it happens to be the name of someone you know, and you add it without verification… this is what happens. Italics note what I add in as a pointer here and there for the sake of the post.

11:36 AM

vishal.arora61: hi

me: hi
do i know u

vishal.arora61: i dont knw
but i know u
u wrk for google

11:38 AM

me: how?

vishal.arora61: i hv seen u many times

11:40 AM

my frnd is also working in google
actually i like u very much

me: lol…

vishal.arora61: u look so cute

me: and hwo is ur frnd?

vishal.arora61: does this matter?

me: thanks.. you seem to be rather generous with your compliments
ofcourse it does

11:41 AM

vishal.arora61: will u come for a dinner with me?

me: no

vishal.arora61: then i m not going to tell his name

me: i said no cos u wouldn tel me his name

11:42 AM

vishal.arora61: ha ha
obviously i wil tell u everything
me: well then shoot

vishal.arora61: his name is sanjeev
now tell me about urself

11:43 AM

me: one min.. am stuck with emails

vishal.arora61: ok

11:45 AM

me: yes

vishal.arora61: now tell me about urself

me: what do u want to know

11:46 AM

vishal.arora61: whr do u stay?

me: in a house πŸ˜›

vishal.arora61: :X
give me ur phone number

11:47 AM

me: 100 (anusha contributes here)

vishal.arora61: hmm.. u r a gal
so pretty obvious answers

11:48 AM

me: yeah i disappoint myself

11:49 AM

vishal.arora61: so, u dissapoint the person u like very much
sry, who likes u very much (a serious lack of comprehension)

11:50 AM

me: i said myself..comprehending skills need a lil sharpenin

vishal.arora61: i m ur fan dear
me: thanks

vishal.arora61: so i will be very happy if u come with me for dinner

11:51 AM

me: i am on a diet, and generally skip dinner (This statement will not hold true ever.. and if you go arnd andΒ n talk abt it, you will be declared mad)
u can join me at google and have lunch or brk fast maybe
we can call sanjeev also

vishal.arora61: no i wont
call him

me: oh thats ok…

11:53 AM

vishal.arora61: but cant we meet outside google?
if u r so figure concious….we will just chat (Β lol…I actually like the way it sounds, me and figure conscious!)

11:54 AM

me: hmmm… well will try but considerin that google pays me so much, i have to work (Declaration: U arent supposed to be making note of this, and this statement does not hold in court of law)
arent we chatting?

vishal.arora61: do they pay u for 24 hrs?
we will meet after ur office

me: hmmm… google pays 3 times what anyone else would pay for the kinda job we do

(Declaration: U arent supposed to be making note of this, and this statement does not hold inΒ any court of law, in any state/county/country/or anything equivalent)

11:55 AM
and am sure Sanjeev would have spoken to u abt it

11:56 AM

vishal.arora61: ok.

me: so… are u at work?

vishal.arora61: so u r not willing to meet after ur office?

11:57 AM

me: after my office.. or outside it?

vishal.arora61: may be at central…….

me: where?

11:58 AM

vishal.arora61: hyderabad central
or u suggest
but outiside google

me: oh,… so what is hyderabad central.. never heard of it?Β ( was there this time last

i have actually not been out too much,, work keeps me busy

vishal.arora61: good

11:59 AM

wat is ur office timing?

12:00 PM


12:04 PM

me: office timing.. ur frnd works here.. u dont know the timing?

Β And poor guy/gal has not come back. shall not do injustice by changing the username… letting it remain. after the chat, blocked the user and went on to post here followed by a high fat-high carb power lunch πŸ˜›

And for those of you who say, I played with feelings and all that bull shit, Like my buddy says,.. BACKOFF!!!!!!!!!!!


26 thoughts on “Re-defining “Random” …. A random chat with a random person.

  1. err…
    w/b πŸ™‚ sho rollshickin’ start to the shew year i… :S

    btw thats just to show the brits flood their market with too much alcohol and we poor indians here are suddenly nostalgic and drink too much..hic

    so wheres the rest of the plot? sinister…?!


  2. u really shd let me know when u update ur posts…but lord, that was an awesome conversation…:))… totally proud of u babe….especially the “i need to watch my figure” and “iam usually so busy with work that i never get time to go around the city” bits….hafta ask, where is the jay of american desi fame????????


  3. That makes two random conversations. One in the post, and the other in the comments. Both interesting….

    I smell something here, and its neither cigarettes nor coffee.


  4. well i just flash a few lines to ‘show off’ that i can be multilingual πŸ˜›

    btw, ‘Errare humanum est’ would mean , to err is human πŸ˜‰ but i know ya might ‘ve figured that out..

    the ‘forgive’ part was for the nosing arnd i did πŸ˜› ….. to unravel the *sigh* behind that sept post and the those references… πŸ˜‰

    ‘curiosity almost killed the cat, but then satisfaction came to a the rescue with a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation… πŸ˜‰

    catch ya soon when ya are back πŸ™‚ and hope ya had a ball of a time πŸ˜‰


  5. haha!

    Oh hey i really dont undestand any foreign language, not even english beyond a certain extent 😦 phrases are ok, but think u wrotea couple lines before! anyway… more to come up l8r.. i run out of time when i am in chennai! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  6. hola lady πŸ™‚

    pretty intuitive eh? πŸ˜‰
    Cant get hold of beedis arnd here… but what the heck i have fallen in love with Camel..and it tastes schesxy with tea.

    alrite, now that am no serial killer, temme what else would work ? :O …there there … that look again. relax am kiddin…

    but on tad different note, a while ago i kinda had an odd revelation, well, not odd…not odd at all… but i guess i understand those lovelorn posts of september better now.

    or like most of the times, i might just be way, off tangent.. which i think am not though πŸ˜›

    Errare humanum est, so forgive.



  7. Good evening!

    I was actually thinking of the same things.. but more mallu style.. tea and beedis! lol

    And yeah.. i care not abt the stalking or the pickup lines or anything the like.. maybe serial killers.. but the rest of it i am quite immune to….

    And as for the look, it is a look, thats constantly plastered to my face, when stupid (pervert) talk happens with good old friends! on a serious note. kinda like the look though.. it is, like most ppl would agree, very deceptive.


  8. ‘afternoon lady, looks like my time hath not cometh as yet.

    its me, again, yea with the tea and the cigg.. πŸ˜‰

    well, why do ya have that look??? ok, ok, i stalk… big deal! atleast… i dont have a face, i am not invitin ya for dinner, no corny pick up lines, and am miles away! πŸ˜›

    anyway if ya havent heard russel peters, heres somethin to laugh at ourselves :



  9. heh it sure must, guys have the best fun! and..we are all the more funny when we have women in our midst πŸ˜‰

    hey i was kiddin abt the karma part, love has nothing to do with karma πŸ™‚


    and just to convince ya that am no stalker and also to assure ya that i aint really jobless, i shalt leave… and let others post their bit about vishal arora, as well…

    i shalt leave,
    oh damsel, now.
    though i cant say to where and how….

    if ya wait and i dont turn
    then thee should know,
    my time had come.



  10. yeah.. its all karma.. And as for the line.. i grew up with the boys! and the attitude really makes me have alot more fun than i could imagine! in a nice way though πŸ˜‰


  11. errr… i guess thats what every other male would think as well πŸ˜‰

    Well, if i …ahem….look at that statement again.. “how come i am never at a coffee shop when this kinda entertainment happens”…. lol, well i will pass that, no comments πŸ˜›

    boys will be boys πŸ˜›


  12. heh, i ve been up all nite… it 9 in the morning here.
    and am fed up of work… and since i dont have a blog of my own, i go arnd dirtyin other’s πŸ™‚

    waitin and watchin?… hmm….err.. that makes me sound like a stalker!! well, who doesnt like a conversation at times with their tea?? πŸ˜‰

    while we are still discussing men, women and you…

    check this out :



  13. lol.. when it comes to men, i lack the patience and perseverance! doesnt go beyond a cup of coffee… nope.. not once! Dinner is expecting too much form myself! lol…


  14. lol

    pity it didnt go anywer .. ;(

    *has that far away look in his eyes* it used to be fun chatting up women…. long gone mate, long gone…

    btw i think the guy could end up being interesting πŸ˜› and from your posts it looks like its high time u went out for dinner, or say a chai atleast, ‘after’ office… too much brooding, too much brooding *shakes head* πŸ˜‰

    err….are you free this saturday? :p

    alrite, alrite, i know, i know it aint working, … *goes back to sippin his tea, the cigarette and that never ending pile of work…*


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