Valentines Day

Its that time of the year again! Valentines day 🙂 not like I have a major plan neither am I planning to celebrate it. Year over year valentines day has some really special memories for me and I cherish them. They have thought me so much from tears and smiles.

Year after year the fourteenth of February continues to be special. First it was the fourteenth of February of 2004. A very special valentines with two special men in my life, BJ and Sabari. Thanks to BJ and his ever lasting pervert talk, I ended up pouring a realllllyyyy hot glass of black coffee over my lap!!! It goes without saying that I still blame him for it. This event made me swear not to order another cup of hot coffee ever again! And to not listen to BJ when he is in his element! That valentines made me take a sick leave from college for a whole week due to burn injury. But BJ, the nice guy that he was, got me the entire set of friends to watch and dropped most of the days to check on me. I learnt that BJ was not evil afterall. But he definitely is not god’s gift to mankind.

The next year, on the fourteenth of February, on our way to the bus stand, after bunking college, I, off the ten other people, get knocked down by an auto rickshaw. Dhiraj picks a fight with the auto driver and all that, Heena aunty cant stop laughing, and I could not feel my right side, waist and below! Getting home and limping away to glory, only to be asked why and having narrated the whole incident to mom and grandma, lots of sympathy and angry and concerned uncles visiting and poor dad making fun to relive himself of sadness of me in pain, I learnt I lived in a family, which I cry, would to war. The family which would actually be on their toes to cure me of the cold and would go to any extent for making me smile. Blessed is how feel in their midst. No amount of words can describe my family. ( I am mallu and family here refers to my maternal family, will cover the other side sometime) I also learnt that if I ever count on someone for any help, Dhiraj and sanjay and Vikram would always be there and vinay would reach the moment he gets to know! Its like he gets carried by the wind or something. And heena , its always said that the people you are close to, you laugh whenever they fall and then you help them out. That’s how we are.

The following year, I cut my hand in a stupid careless kitchen fiasco and still managed to make my valentines eventfull with some observing at besant nagar beach with sabari. The very next day, my boss comes around and says, full moon nite, lovely beach, you and your good looking friend – I really cant believe your single! Like yeah! The good looking friend has been around for almost more than two decades now! I’d rather be single than date a friend.

The next year valentines was the worst!!!! All these years, whenever things went wrong there were always people who cared about you around you. This year no one was there with and I was down with my third attack of amoebiasis. That disease actually is extremely depressing to even think about for me. No one around and feeling as lonely as ever was not the perfect valentines!!!

Wonder what valentines 2008 holds for me. I am watching my diet just to be sure amoeba does not love me for sure!

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