I am beginning to like lonely weekends.

This year has been mostly boring so far – not writing as much, let alone read –that habit has gone down the drain a long time back. I have spent two of the three weekends so far alone. And there are more to come for sure. It has started growing on me and I am beginning to like it too.

On one such lonely weekend, there are so many things to do. Like watching a telugu movie.Bommarillu! it is rather amazing that the movie, like most movies made in this country is a love story (discount mallu movies not starring dilip). And of course it has to be love at first or over the first cup of coffee! And then there is the portraying of the dad as a compulsive disciplinarian. And more importantly, the son who thinks ‘disapprovingly’ of this! Then it gets to the arranged marriage and the son gets engaged and then falls in love over a cup of coffee with a girl who he befriends. Interesting how the plot goes, the same story repeated over and over again and again. And then the girl comes to know, rather the hero confesses that he is engaged and then this girl goes ahead and encourages him to do what he likes, and falls in love with him. Now the girl, is of the friendlier kind, the type who is a friend to everyone even the paper boy, loafs around in the middle of the night and all that crap. I know of a few people and also belong to the same kind. But never in the whole time of being a friend to some one will you get to fall in love with a friend. It defies a certain rule of friendship, makes things complicated and then everyone around gets uncomfortable with them around, and not just hang around and have fun.

Then the boy’s dad gets to see his son rejoicing over the romance and all that and then there is mom who gets to know of this and is disheartened and all that. Then they agree to test the girl out and he brings her home and her probation is for a week. To know what happens later watch the movie.

Don’t know why children think they know better than their parents! I admit I love my parents and would jump into a well if they tell me to, not because I am the most obedient of all children, but more so because I trust them, blindly like some may say. Through my life I haven’t come across many who take their parents seriously, the attitude is more like prolonged teenage, where you rebel more than anything else. But from personal experience, take these people more seriously and you will realize how much they care for you. Your dad cares for you enough to show you the right career and how to make money and save it from tax, then there is mom, mom always knows best about everything. You know when some one comes and tells you that they love someone so dearly , I always wonder how can anyone love someone as much when they cant love their parents as much?!!!

Making such movies does not offend any of us, but it does make an impression on some one’s psyche. We tend to appreciate good movies, like taren zameen par, and talk loud and clear about how this is a good practice, creates awareness and all that, but then why do people not talk about such movies? There is no point in asking questions sometimes cos we know the answers most of the time. Even though we claim that a lot of people go to school and are educated, and nice big percentage is broad minded and getting along with the day and age, it is a minute, fraction of a fraction of this percentage that is literate. And when they know what is the difference they will appreciate it. But trying to ape and glorify the current fad of going around and having a girl/boyfriend aside, maybe movie makers should try and make movies about families; try and explore the nuances of parent-child relationship. Lets see if our film makers can handle that topic, maybe even the audience!!!

3 thoughts on “I am beginning to like lonely weekends.

  1. Hi! firstly, let me tell you this, i have been reading your blogs for quite sometime now, and i must say that they are pretty impressive. what i really liked was depth of the thought and simplicity in the tone of expressing it…
    about this blog. yes, i do agree with the fact that, your attitute towrds your parents tells a lot about how you would treat your ‘loved’ ones. but the fact about movies making noise about a child’s weakenss and normal abnormalitites had become a fad and film makers should also focus on the movies about parent- child relationship. I dont know if you have watched hindi movies in 70s/80s/ 90s etc.. if you do, there will be a pool of movies that will give you such messages about respecting parents and kids realising at later stages.

    But thepoint is that we as audience, watch movie and get moved a little by it. its only fraction of the fractions that actually gets affected by it. history has witnessed teh great war movies between india/ pakistan, about rape and rape victims…. and we all know what difference it has made!


  2. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Mike Harmon


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