Karma leak.

Anyone who is someone on the internet these days will know of a concept called PR – page rank. Now if you think that I am going to be writing technical stuff, don’t read ahead. I charge a lot per page of any kind of paper work, technical paper or documentation or love letters.

Now, PR! So the whole of internet works on this concept apparently and then there are the search engines who use it to deliver results. Now lets use Wikipedia, to understand how this concept works.

When you think about how this works its pretty amazing. Imagine how this would correlate to in the wake of humans or those who believe in karma, and learning through lifetimes. You will be giving and receiving the karma points from people that you associate with.

So, if you think about it, every good deed you do you get karma points, but every good person you associate with also should get you karma points. And as is in the overall human nature, we will want to attain and retain as much good karma as possible. And therefore logically we should be associating with the people with good karma.

Ever wondered why your manager has his friends amongst other managers, or the cheerleaders always herding together or the most brilliant students hanging out together or the drunks always making a fool of themselves together. This concept explain all of it.
In school, it is most prevalent. You don’t study well, most students don’t want to be near you. You study exceptionally well, the top 2 percentile of the class are your friends. You’re an average student, you get to be with everyone. This is how it works. People want to associate with themselves – people like them. Primarily because if you are looking at like minded people chances are you have almost the same karma, and your thoughts don’t differ much. Therefore there is peace around and you don’t waste your karma in trivial arguments.
Now what happens if you were to be in differentiated company. Karma would be dispersed. If you have higher karma then you would disseminating a part of it to the betterment of your acquaintances and also wasting a part of it if you fall into rifts.

I cant think about how much karma I have lost, but I definitely am not gaining any!!! : ( depressing thought makes me want to stop this post. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t stop me from bettering my karma score. Like Anusha always says, I will get a better deal next time.

4 thoughts on “Karma leak.

  1. According to karma, a person learns as much good and does even more to get good karma, if you have spiritual learning left, your soul returns, otherwise it attains nirvana! when the soul does return you have in you the karma u earned, but you wouldnt be knowing it, and you work towards getting better karma. Every single act of ours, leads us to a learning, and this is what makes us realise our karma. Good bad or ugly! thats it.

    And considering sharing karma with others is a waste will probably make u lose more of urs or get bad karma! :o)


  2. I wonder what happens when people die. Does the karma stay on, and add up?

    And as we know the population of the world is increasing….does that mean we are sharing our karma with the newly generated people? one bit at a time. That would be such a waste…..


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