My Valentine’s Gift to Someone Special.

Love makes man want to do the most insanest of things.

I am not supposed to be saying this – I have been warned by Sail. Of course, you know Sail!

As cranky as I can be, I have fallen in love with Sail, or so I claim. It is so much fun to torture her with my love. When we, my sister and I, were small, we expressed our love in the most ridiculous manner – we played WWF or Jurassic park.. Sigh…!!!! With Sail, it is just an “I love You” and the woman swoons as if I were demented and pleads for mercy! So afraid of the social taboos and impression that people may get.

Now this is the story – Valentine’s Day Special! 🙂

I bought Sail earrings – Chandelier earrings that cost 150 rupees, pink ones with a little heart right in the middle as a Valentine’s Day gift. Then I plan to celebrate Valentines Day with her. All cos I Love her! 😛 She may twist the truth to sound like she bought them herself and I do not know from where she got them and the like. Nevertheless, I did my part – drew pink hearts on her desk, made a little paper heart with a pink post-it and wrote her name on it. Then finally went around saying this to almost everyone. Bombarded by my love, she remains silent and does not wish to comment! But I know in my heart of hearts that she does love me! 😛

Now what isLove when you cannot proclaim it in public… Sailuuu….. I Love You…. 🙂

PS If I am fired for harassment, she is to blame but I will still love her! : )

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