One wedding – too much chaos.

In chennai for “weddings” – you get the point.

Primarily for one wedding – some one I have known for more than 20 years. We studied together since kindergarten and have been good friends. Not a big deal I guess. But since this guy, whom I fondly call Pappu, has been planning his wedding since time immemorial, it is a big deal. He has been telling us he will be married off at the end of his schooling. But that was 7 years back. After a really long time, lots of girlfriends and, hate to say it, a degree in chemistry, he gets married.

So we are all around to attend his wedding. Bj, coming down from blr, from his busy schedule, am here too, neeru already confused about what to wear, and sabari with his ‘yeah, so!?!’ attitude. Getting a gift for someone this known is difficult and we started a thread one mail for the same. But you know how that ends up. Finally neeru decides on something, we have no clue what, and Bj, takes up the task of going along with her to do shopping. I can’t because I chose not to. And then the plan is to meet up at my house and go but I don’t know how things are going to take place… will be updated later… for now… key notes:

I am not wearing a sari; neeru not very happy cos we aren’t co-operating; sabari will be there the venue directly; neeru not pleased; Bj coming down from blr and doing the shopping; Bj scores brownie points with neeru!

Am sure he is going to get busted tomorrow though.


*Update29-2-08 2:45AM*

All is well.. Am too happpy.. not as much due to the wedding, but more due to all the fun i had…Met a friend i hardly get to meet(an absolute darling!), petrified of bikes -i still managed to stay put on a realllllyyyy fast ride, met the good old gang every single day,loafed around in the city at 1AM, took an auto ride at arnd 12AM, stood under a street light for hours,sat on the footpath, made enough noise to wake up security in the neighborhood sometime past midnite, got some nice verbal abuse in good old Tamil(ther is always something new to learn)… sneaked into my house, not disturbing anyone but those online…. Chennai always has soooo much to keep me happy!!!!! tmrw, again party at the park sheraton.. probly shoudl get atleast 4 hrs sleep today.

Absolutely in love with my life when in Chennai! all the highs it gives.. absolutely sloshed with happiness.

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