And the wish list begins…. rather continues!!!

There are seldom things that I don’t care about (most of you know what are such things) the most important reason is that I am extremely to most sincerely dispassionate about them. In case a mild disinterest exists I can still tolerate and co-exist as in the case fellow human beings.

Things that I am passionate about, like making money, music, shoes etc I tend to improvise and want more. Get things to perfection. Make various different combinations and devise an integral multiple that would keep me happy for sometime at least. Thus, the continuous need for perfecting is what keeps me interest. The perfect shoe, the perfectly cris
p crunch of currency! Sigh!!!!! A long wish list.

The perfect setting… the perfect thought… perfectly lined eyes… perfectly tuned strings… Sigh!!!!

And as the search for perfection continues… on the web, I encounter what I think would be a perfect high budget purchase! The kind that you don’t really need, but you still can do with it… the kind that would probably get you the next best shot in your portfolio.

EOS-1Ds Mark III with an EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mg_5100.jpg

And that would make my worth lesser by a couple of hundred thousands lighter by dough. But then a good camera is always an investment!!! Nevertheless, there is always something better in the market!!! Damn, the chaos that happens when u decide to go shopping. For now, I shall not indulge, cos I don’t see a major use for these in the near future, unless I decide to quit my current job and join Animal Planet or NGC. : ) (I do wish they would reimburse me then! Lol ;))



And this is the real deal.. A sample foto with just the camera. no telephoto involved. Photo captured with a 10 sec lag and 100 ISO. f/4.6(I think) I didn’t note the specs when I saw the photo nightscene.jpg

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