Bell the CAT… well atleast tease it!

Many of you know how I try, well that’s the least feasible so far to get a good and decent admit into one of the ivy leagues b-schools in the country! Not the world; am content with my country, mostly because I am a nice big pauper.

Anyway, when I saw this video, it seemed very introspective and makes me realize how nice it has been going through those nearly futile and licentious attempts.

For those out there who want have/had taken up cat and will be taking it… this one is for all of you!!!

And as for me, well… sigh… Damn!!!!! Whenever the time is right! God bless.

(ironically a three minute video, its been three years since i gave cat!)

6 thoughts on “Bell the CAT… well atleast tease it!

  1. oh yeah… this happened quite sometime back.. noticed it.. but was disappointed to say the least! 😦 i really dont want to give a gmat! and gmat is way too much simpler than cat wrt quant/ds/di!


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