another tagged one…

Its been two months since Jammy tagged me on this.. and here goes…

Eight things I am passionate about
I Love Thinking, reading, photography, football, my family and friends, music, traveling, writing.
Eight things that attracts me to my best friends
Ahem ahem… considering that I have a tiny bunch of “friends till death” I think it should be:

Fun, intelligence, passion, grounded, sensible, loyal, talkative, and a patient listener. A lot can become with these characteristics.

Otherwise.. think one common characteristic is that we are all rich spoilt brats! 😉

Eight books I’ve read recently

I don’t remember them… currently reading RK Narayan and PG wodehouse.
Eight things I say often
I say a lot of things very often.. primarily.. :), hmmmm, its not like that, damn it,.. hmmmm… ok, hmmmmm, *raise my eyebrows*… basically I am not a person good with my words.
Eight things I want to do before I die (In no particular order)

I would like to die rich.. give away a lot to a lot of people. Send my parents away on a worlds tour, give my sister whatever she asks for ( I normally do.. but I think she has a lot more wishes to come true!), read up all the books I want to read, publish my books.. I have a lot here.. and it gets depressing writing all of them here for the world to see.

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over

Hahaha.. there cant just be 8.. if it were I would kill myself.

Eight people I think should do this tag (I have seven)

*I think*… hmmmm.. that’s a clause there..and right now I don’t think anyone should…

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