Archer, Dreams, Jobs and Careers

Its been a while now and since the last time things have gotten better and worse. Better mostly since my sister is now a lot freer since her college closed for the summer and she can run around and do some work for me. Worse in the context of my health; its pretty amazing how most sensible people agree on things – my doctor, parents, grand mother, uncles and most people holding a control over my life seem to agree that I need to give time to recovery and let it do its work. Apparently it took me more than 12 months to start treatment and damage done over all this time will take atleast half that time to get undone… and worse yet, I definitely do not like the examples they quote – a fracture, u get it in a fraction of a second, but it takes weeks and months to heal!!! I cant wait to dig into a nice plate of my favorite chicken biriyani and the most outrageously priced yet the worlds best potato wedges and then my mom’s amazing fish fry! You can imagine a desperate me drooling! But I am relatively happy for the food I am allowed – a bowl of plain rice, three times a day (you may include a piece of boiled beetroot/carrot/beans occasionally!)

What could you ask for from life when you have a nice sister??? That’s our, my sister’s and my, philosophy in life. If she needs something in life, she asks me, and vice versa. Now that I am denied food, I take the liberty of throwing tantrums around and demanding that all people living, visiting this house abide to my orders. So my sister, as sweet as she can get, totters down to the library and gets me a load of books to keep me occupied for the next few days. One of them a Jeffrey Archer – Shall we tell the President? I, for sure know that I have read this before, but must have been sometime in school, almost a decade ago atleast. But a book always deserves to be read. And then, co-incidentally there was an interview by the author on an Indian news channel last night about his new book, a prisoner of birth. he spoke of confidence and the normal things that most people, not necessarily authors speak about on television shows. But then what was interesting was that he wrote for 2 hours at a stretch and then took a two hour break.. and this cycle would continue from 630AMto 9 PM everyday till he got his draft ready. Now making a book isn’t an easy deal. You probably should try writing about the recent BJP conquest of the Kannada state and then you will realize what it feels like to write almost 800 pages of detail oriented plots. And this has to repeat itself.

A book, can be correlated to some peoples’ emails. You know it when you see it. The person would have drafted it and then redrafted and then again and again and yet again for ever so long. Yet you feel it could have been better. In this case it probably is not the need for perfection but then its just an absolute lack of good grammar and vocabulary and more importantly confidence. And so there was this humble man, dressed in casuals, who said his book went through 17 drafts! I cant possibly juxtapose this to any thing and therefore fail to draw an analogy. But I couldn’t stop thinking of it.

I am sure we all love to make money and have “jobs” to help us in this context. But not many of us have “Careers”. I am sure we all do not feel like going to work once in a while, but like some wise man with a tongue to match(you know who) said, if you feel the same way most often, its time you moved on. Imagine having to write for a living, most of us blogging junta do it for kicks or for making money through online advertising, but then that’s not the real thing. You can read online, have rss subscriptions, but its not like a good book on a Sunday with a cuppa… and it weighs much lighter than the laptop!(not if its an encyclopedia.) My dad always told me that the best way to judge a book is to see if you can get it for 25rupees on the street, incidentally all best sellers have a good deal of piracy going on(it’s a big market and the process is extremely interesting).

Think of waking up and writing, writing so much that you never get bored of it, writing and then improvising. It must take its toll on the mind and brain. But getting over all that must be what it takes to create a career for yourself and not just a job. Some people say that they love their jobs, but I cant quite relate to that. Jobs are something like a project, it has a lifetime, or a deadline, and its not something that is constant. More elaborately stated plumbing is a career and fixing a tap is a job. Now you get the point. It is understanding this concept that can help a lot of people in the third world economies. Recently having watched a remarkably boring show on millionaires on some life style channel, I couldn’t help but notice the trend that all of them were out there making money because they made a career out of what they knew they liked and were made for. For example, this millionaire from Ireland, started out selling fruits at a market, and made more money than other fruit vendors there. He also loved cars, and so he made a living selling cars, franchises and dealerships for automobiles. Making sure he told people what they wanted to hear, making a new contact everyday, and being amidst all those amazing creations of metal and sheer horse power. It was his dream since he ever knew.

How many of us today do something like that? I work for a big corporate and frankly I do not relate to a lot of things that happen in everyday office life, I go I do my job and return back. Nothing else. And therefore I have a job. A career at this point of time seems like a distant dream. And a dream is always meant to be chased…

Happy dreaming only don’t do it when u are on the job.

2 thoughts on “Archer, Dreams, Jobs and Careers

  1. Why do I get this feeling that you are going to start building a career from now on???
    By the way its been ages since I changed from blogspot to wordpress. I guess you are not editing ur blogroll


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