Why I Love my shoes…

This one is for all those who know my love for my shoes and think I am insane.

Ok! So I have this compulsion of buying shoes that call out to me from the shopping rack. Who doesn’t? – may be some people don’t, but I really don’t care.

When it comes to shoes, you got to put your best foot forward. (As per the circumstance of course. The circumstance decides the shoe, and the angle of your foot/knee. 🙂 )

High heels are always a favorite – everyone has one, has worn one or is really looking forward to one. Even men love high heels; it’s imbibed some lessons since boyhood in them.. think it was Marilyn Monroe, so to say. It is a pretty simple creation of man kind, with a casing to hold the foot, and a metal rod to increase the height. Sometimes you would think its wood, but it would easily break under the weight of one normal person. That’s just the basics of what I know. Now my favorite part – the variety. All the designers that you can think of when it comes to high heels or for that matter shoes, get their shoes made in… Italy! The shoe capital of the world! Apparently those guys have some special technique. Anyway all that aside, with an average American woman having about 30 pairs of shoes at any given time, its bound to have quite a market and generate a huge amount of money.

That’s scope for even better things. If you find a Gucci for around 100$, think again. Just cause there is a “G” on the product does not mean it’s a Gucci. It takes a lot more than common sense and shopping experience to make out that difference. And while you find the cheap bargain, you have also effectively contributed to international crime. Yes, that’s one of the ways these guys make money.

It’s extremely disappointing to know it but most of the pirated stuff, cds, books, etc, and counterfeited products – perfumes, electronics, Shoes, they contribute to the world of crime and anti social activities. And by endorsing them we contribute too, only to become victims later. It’s no point in making a ruckus in the after math of an act of terror or crime once we encourage them.

But yes, for those of you who would like to own a pair of Manolo Blahnik look-alikes, do shop for a bargain at a shop which you know is genuine and gives you a reduction rather than a counterfeit, cos if that heel breaks once, it’s going to break your heart too.

For the love of shoes…..Sigh!!!

PS.. for the ones who want to know more about shoes, Manolo Blahnik is God, Jimmy Choo is Goddess! But every shoe is to be considered equally as a piece of art.

6 thoughts on “Why I Love my shoes…

  1. I watched this documentary last night on travel and living and it pretty much spoke about fake Guccis and Jimmy Choos and also the Italian man who went to the US to design shoes for Marilyn Manroe. Made me realize obsession for shoes is a pretty common thing

    High heels do give an increased sex appeal, but somehow I’ve never managed to walk comfortably on pointed heels (‘ would fall off a lot’ -in Joey style)


  2. OK.. I admit.. its 1:11AM and I haven’t slept a wink in the past three days, not to mention a huge backlog of sleep for almost 4 weeks now.. Argh!!!! Some thing off the cuff when I tried to think of good things in life….sigh..

    But, I stil love my shoes!!!!… All of them!


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