High School Reunion

Yet another change in the story. I had to move back to Chennai. Lovely!!! Now, well after a while maybe, I can get to go the beach and then there are all the other hangouts and the bunch of my friends.
So then there has to be the status update to everyone interested. After conveying the message to most of the junta (the others mostly were aware of it) I got to talking to a lot of the junta, incidentally mostly from school.
However, the whole time there was this one ‘want’ that every single one of them had in mind – that of meeting up with the whole batch of us. This happens to amuse me to a great extend. It is a very genuine desire to meet and catch up with friends and renew relationships  and all that but at the same time the thought of meeting people whose names I cant recollect or even can not even recall as a class mate was intriguing. Let me tell you how the last couple of ‘bumping ins’ happened. This is not a first hand account, and is all hearsay but if you have any other version of it go ahead and leave you impression. And there is no naming here, its all people I studied with in school at one time or the other.
You know how we associate a certain trait to a certain person in college and he/she gets to live with it the whole of their life in school, like the bookworm, or the cricketer or something like that. I am sure I had one too, only I do not know what I was called, except for basketball by our physical education master(he, however dumb he was, was extremely prudent and still is very much working at school). So again perceptions- they have to change. I remember the time when the current railway minister announced his first railway budget and most critics had proclaimed it as a disaster, but he gave them all a rude shock. It’s similar to the kind of shock that I am referring to. This guy, whom you always have known like the alpha male of a certain cluster of people is spotted by another guy in a pink tee and several other not-so-alpha male kind of characteristics. Ofcourse the latter escapes un-noticed I presume.
And the girls… they are a different tale in all. No major changes here. Mostly happily married and commited. But then, it so  happens that I play agony aunt to a couple of men too. And this made me realize that girls who were in the past solely responsible for an “argh!” now are responsible for a “sigh!/phew”. But some men tend to still respond with the argh.. some boys never grow up I guess.
The most interesting thing among all the conversations was that most people think of you as the kid you were once and have not realized that you probably have also grown up. One schoolmate told me he wanted to know how a certain “god only knows” character was right now and if she “got to know things”.
Its been seven long years since school and 9 long years since a bigger lot of us parted ways, even more for some others.  I do not know if the re-union is feasible, definitely not all of us would be interested or not all of us will make it, but some where down the line, to put it in the words of another friend, it is just the need to see and thank the person who played a small part in making you who you are today. Extremely dramatic I thought, then there was another extreme. This other classmate wanted to know if the others were balding or had plugs!
To think anyone would be disinterested.  Looks like a lot of my batchmates have extremely unique reasons to want a re-union.

After writing so much about school, I found this iconic photograph.. Circa 1997-98.. the Agra trip!!!!

hee hee.. I cant stop laughing at myself.

5 thoughts on “High School Reunion

  1. Adithya, knowing Balaji.. he does “lose” friends.. we are perhaps his foes by now.. and there are lots of things he does for that.. the best person to contact in this regard is Ankhush(Pappu)
    Facebook group.. could work.. don’t know how far will it reach out since a majority of the junta is on Orkut.

    Teal, I do not like that smile/grin… looks sinister to me 😉 and as for the people… well am yet to experience first hand, for all that was written was narrated to me. 🙂


  2. 😀
    It is always good to bump into people from the past. And yes some people undergo a major metamorphosis, but some NEVER change!


  3. Come on Bala… you don’t “lose” friends that easily. As for reunions, they certainly sound nice, and we do have the organiser :-).
    How about a facebook group to start with for a virtual reunion?


  4. Bj.. alpha male.. stil on the “not naming anyone” scheme. and you got the hair querying dude wrong too.
    And going by regular standards, you are always the organiser… rather the guys who rounds up everyone. 😛


  5. hmm….interesting thoughts those…though i still haven’t figured out who that alpha-male is…and as for the hair querying dude, the only one who comes to mind immediately is you-know-who but somehow cannot think of him asking if others are in a similar state..:))

    and well considering that most of us lost a substantial circle of our frds after class 10, this year sounds like an apt time for a 10-year reunion…


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