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“This is for you, because Today’s youngsters have enough opportunity!” That was the concluding line that some one whom I met two days back told me. This person is a sexagenarian and is very actively participating in a lot many things, and focuses primarily on the academic circle and research.
I do not dare to disagree. Most of his points were truly valid. He takes orientations for vice-presidents and managers, teaches behavioral sciences and strategy management to MBA candidates of prestigious institutions in the country. Do not ask how I know this person, the answer is obvious – Dad.
After all these points that he told and all his narratives, I have but one question to ask – if we are such a brilliant lot, and genetic mutation does make us more intelligent, and we are making a meager 100000 or 2 a month, and have all the resources and are mostly the best of the lot – how come there are not many innovations from this generation. How come the only revisions to the text books have been geographical and illustrations related to changes brought forth by the govt. and not in the science and math books.
Now for the IT geeks do not get me started on the topic. How come we only have version releases, and mostly come up with things that are built on something else, like renovation and not innovation. For that matter anything on the web, would not have been possible if not for some sexagenarian or then maybe even more older.
Do we really think there are more intelligent people in the work force now than were may be ten years before?
For starters, my fathers colleague said, that the first important thing for achievers is that they do not go around telling people about what they achieved, but instead made it a point to think of the next achievement and formulate the basis for that. Hmmmm… now I know, for a fact that people as old as me are still around and want to get a better raise for something that they did in the past.
Now this is something that annoys me the most. The people who told me all this, this person and most of the friends of dad’s who are involved in teaching to people who score a 160+ on an IQ scale fail to think of the average human, or the average Indian workforce. And it is this seclusion and deprival from intellectual exposure that makes the average person much more backward than they think. It’s not the way the look or the accent that you talk with, it’s all about what you think, what you want to do and your perspective on life – that’s what matters. I can not conclude that this lot of people is wrong or the other. I am just glad that I can get such exposure and would gladly share it with who ever is interested in it.

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  1. I’m not sure what your Dad was talking about when he said “enough opportunity”.
    – If he meant job opportunities, yes, certainly the labor market is much more easy on new entrants now than it ever was in the last few generations.
    – if he meant the opportunity to innovate, well, the easier job market does mean that people can try doing their own thing. Innovation is risky, you wouldn’t want to stick your neck out if jobs were too difficult to get. Let’s put it this way – the climate now favors innovation a lot more. Will that change people’s mindset and make them more innovative? It will happen, but slowly.


  2. I agree that we are becoming too mechanical and letting others do the innovation for us. But I guess it is more to do with the lack of directions. And also the willingness to breakfree from the general stuff and take a risk. Indian’s have always known to be timid.


  3. A friend of mine reminded me – “Necessity is the mother of invention” and the 200 ppl in my previous post don’t feel that ‘necessity’.

    I’d like to think that the wave of good times, more money, more convenience, better lifestyle etc could probably mask ppl of all the problems their previous generations faced and fought to find a solution for.

    The other is there is too much money involved. So any great idea is probably quantified by the revenue it can generate for its investors and they want it all too “quick”.

    However, problems will continue to exist, just that they will be of a different kind than we have known. Innovators see them where ‘you and I’ (general public) are probably unable to. And innovators will keep mushrooming. The cream crowd never ceases to exist.


  4. Interesting post… and so was the title ironically. 🙂

    Random Thoughts:
    1. Lets’ say we start with a group of 1000 sexagetarian. Of them, 10 were innovators
    2. Today, presuming all the burden added to or lifted from mother earth, the present generation is : 1000 x 100 = 100000 (hypothtical). A linear relationship yields : 10 x 100 = 1000 innovators.
    3. Present day : 300 have a great job and 7-8 digit salaries. and they’re happy to get the money to do ‘the job’ (read rennovation). 200 others, as your friend said, ‘have comforts’ and therefore, too ‘comfortable’ to think about world problems. They are in their pursuit of joing their elite 300 friends. That leaves us with 500. I’d like to think that the number would be still lesser but can’t think of the reasons why at the moment. So what are we looking at : 500 / 100000 = 0.5 %.


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