Just a wondering…

wondering… self control, probably the most crappiest concept ever!

Imagine having something so tantalising and so tempting that it would make you want to sin… lying right there.. in front of you!

Damn!!!! its only when you are adviced not to eat a zillion things, that everything seems so sinfully alluring.

8 thoughts on “Just a wondering…

  1. Hi,

    Taking a cue from what Rahul says in response, I wish to relate a story I heard in my childhood. Two brothers sharing a cow decide to separate their ownership. The elder takes the back portion, that means all the milk and dung, and the younger the face just to feed the animal for nothing. One day realising that he had been cheated, the younger brother starts beating at the face as the elder one milks.

    So, how does the story apply here? Aha! the tummy has all the hard work to slug while taste buds have all the relish! Doesn’t it say the same thing?

    Then what’s the moral? Our body is an interesting amalgm of conflicting parts held together by inconvenient compromises!



  2. Men and women are short sighted.

    Its reminds me of a funda which came to me when I was very young, maybe 12, when I heard a mom discourage her little girl from giving away her coin to a beggar “Mat do, boori adat mein paise waste karte hai yeh …” He was smooking a beedi. My friends … bad man ….blah blah

    The thing is, he can either save up and buy bread, or smoke it away. Is this anyway relevant here? I dont know. Your post reminded me of that incident.


  3. I hear you … when I say ‘excitement dies’ i think of it in the context of ‘material things’ that you want to and infact can merely ‘possess’. Sooner or later you are gonna get saturated with them.

    Creativity is different. I don;t think my thoughts are universally applicable but then my illsuions on this subject are – that the joy of creativity outlasts that of consumption. Simply because, there is no definite end to the process of thinking but there is an end to the use of any material. The lack of a definite end; the uncertainity keeps the excitement on and on and on… can’t say the same about buying a new bike, getiting the latest cologne etc.

    Having come across very many different ppl now, I’ve come to understand, everyone has a unique way of living their lives. Guess, throw caution or not, I think – if you feel strongly about something then you will eventually do it. Rest, as we might realize later, was at best an illusion of what we thought we liked to indulge in. We learn all the time.


  4. Rahul… You are getting disinterested in the flow of thought.. and going into mundane issues here.
    I do not mean to say that psychological cravings and karmic concepts are mundane, but having read quite abit on the subject, i know that given the day and age we belong to there is a thin line that we have to draw to apply these concepts.
    Like, imagine a piece of code, would you not want to better it, ofcourse you liked firefox 3 better, so saying that the excitement dies is false, cos excitement is what most ppl crave for.
    then there are the illusions… being as creative as we can be, we both sketch, paint, read write, (i do not know abt ur interst in music, coffee pe discuss karange!). arent illusions supposed to fire us, trigger our brains!?!??!
    forget food.. there are a zillion things that you can apply this concept. But inthe end, other than maybe driving and life threatening situations, you can throw caution to the wind and indulge!


  5. And now think why they say – “The grass is always greener on the other side”. Its a basic human psycii… ‘lack of contentment and self-control’. We tend to want to ‘posses’ what we don’t have and all the excitement dies when u have it. Then you move on to other cravings.

    The reason why it might be considered sinful is cos all these cravings are kinda ‘maya’ an illusion of your wants, but in reality they may not be.

    And as far food is concerned – well we eat till we satisfy ur taste buds but sometimes our tummy grows jealous. Sooner or later – it will throw tantrums. Thats when you gotta take a side – the taste buds on ur tongue or tummy dearest. 🙂


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