Why I love my country so!

There may be several reasons for several people to love India, but this one is for sheer pun.

All businesses and everyone who earns money and realises it is a very essential part of ones life knows about unaccounted money being traded under the very noses of thew tax men!

India, has probably the most honest and most open minded people ever. With todays episode in the parliament, it has become clear that you can actually trade money, alot more than most of the population can imagine, right under the nose of the ministers,the opposition, the ruling party, the allies, the speaker and everyone.

When I attended a session in the assembly, the state assembly ofcourse, the security was extreme, and we werent alowed to take anythign with us. Now with the likes of Shibu Soren in the House, guess security can after all be relaxed. With a people of that cadre around, there can be no possible harm to the representatives.But taking a bag filled with money into a parliament is brilliant idea! Anyway, 25 crore for one vote is alot of money! And for some illiterate spinless bitch who probably can’t understand why is the ruckus about inflation or even think that is understood cant imagine any possible means of controlling it, the amount is totally not worth it. Consider me, a engineering graduate, with not so bad academic record, an impressive career graph and No Criminal record versus some one like,… well… i cant possibly juxtapose myself with anyone. The point is when people think of investing some ‘change’ like that, they should think before they do so. Now with about three crore rupees in the well of the parliament, obviously the news channels go crazy, then there will be an investigation which will precipitate into something else with time and all that extrafittings that go with a scandal.

Considering the fact that I vote, and have actually excersided my right in the past, I deserve to encash it too. I mean, if it were me, the money would be well invested or well spent.. both meaning the same, it saves a lot of time for alot of people, newspersons, investigators, lots of people!!!!

And since it is in a country like mine( i am extremely proud of being an Indian, Still!) it could be possible. I can charge a handsome fee for it too. And why not! After all our leaders set such good examples.

*gone to research about money generating resources by watching more news on Indian TV!

11 thoughts on “Why I love my country so!

  1. Addressing all the comments at one time.

    Typos – sorry 🙂 but its good to make mistakes!

    The school I studied in had these educational trips – once to the assembly! Social Studies!!!!!

    In a country like India, if we bring on a penalty for an act of Expressing oneself then the concept of Democracy is void, to the extent it would mean that we are insulting our constitution and violating the constitutional rights.

    and interestingly there was a note form Spungebob, about the poverty line. I wonder about the figures here. The World Bank puts India’s Poor at 42% of the population (at$1.25 per day) while yet another Asian major claims the percentage to be in the 60(at $1.35 per day). The government figures however are way below the slated numbers, for the government of India, also defines poverty as a lack of minimum living standards and agreeable nutrition and education. Now that puts the figure at around 20-25% of the entire population. But as you rightly say, we are doing the right thing questioning. Alas, my questions are online, where I doubt there will be outreach to the ever large segment of the non-internet-using Indian population. But if it makes a difference, it should to someone somewhere somehow!

    And thank you all for the wonderful offers, I shall consider them and revert back.


  2. It is time the political scene in India is taken seriously by the educated and the policy makers are not with just the only aim to make money and lots of money.

    With the economy booming and the gap between the poor and rich get wider and wider, the politicians should be thinking in terms of giving it back to the ordinary people.

    You are doing the right thing and use your knowledge and education and ask questions which are scientific and don’t let the swindlers get away by keeping the poorest in the dark.


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    Cheerz and keep up the gud work


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  6. Taking the bag into the parliament!!

    anyways ya me noticed the typos too…

    (as for ur off topic question on my blog, i must say there is little hope.. 😦 )


  7. Height of cheating people…
    Even i too watched the Shamless show off…

    Where is our country marching?
    Educating people to buy votes?? or trying to say Money can buy anything.
    According to me
    Under 1 condition MPs can be Paid only if they Behave properly in Parliament.
    Govt can announce if a parliament goes on with out any problems.. MPs can get a CRORE Rupees.

    I am sure if this rule in enforced.. then non MP can make even a single Rupee..

    Thats my humble opinion




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