Drops of Ecstasy

Some times, many a times there are thoughts and then there is vacuum. You may have thought of something before you went to bed last night but now it’s gone. Guess all of us have that feeling. How does it feel to come back to knowing what you initially thought of? That’s the in-expressible abstract noun that I want to call upon.

Imagining a lot of things since childhood, the rains, torrential ones at that, have always been a part of my dreams. And tonight, while on the way back from the library, it happened. Boy, did I always want to get wet in rains that probably were caused due to a dam breaking in heaven. The pain by the sheer force of water was inexplicably soothing. Thankfully I was not carrying books with me, and this gave me the liberty of getting as drenched as I wanted to since I was a kid. Wading through the water is always a possibility in Chennai’s monsoon, but getting wet in rains like this is a lesser chance. Thank you god for having given me a chance to realise one of many things to do before I die. The rains actually made me feel (you are requested to fill in the abstract noun here). It was something that I always wanted to do and thought about, but getting to do it, and the experience, that’s what made my day!

I am sure there has been no one ever in this whole wide world who could have come up with something this mundane to write about. But I guess I am so ecstatic that I did. Ecstasy that probably wasn’t around for so long that the feeling was forgotten.

Sometimes it makes me wonder that everything after childhood has only been a learning experience and not something that you would actually reminisce about; not something that would make you go gaga about it. Something that you wouldn’t be Ecstatic about!

2 thoughts on “Drops of Ecstasy

  1. it is always awesome to get wet in the rain!
    Once my night shift ended, I drove back home in pouring rain and loud music playing in my earphones, was a drive to remember! 😎


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