Staying Single in a (re)productive World.

The title – because I lost count of how many babies my friends/neighbours/relatives just produced over the last few weeks.

One night, during mundane chats online, about celebrity blog ghost writers and other myriad topics, some one asked me about the lamest question by far –how did I manage to be single for so long while a whole lot of others are hitched. Initially the question caught me off guard, but later it was pretty obvious that the question could be laughed off with an equally lame reply.

Here goes… for all those of you, looking for a couple of survival tricks. There are various things that you say to people, as per circumstance and person.

The father

I do not know about your dad, but my father loves his children so much that if I hold his hand and tell him, “daddy, I do not want to get married now” then he would agree, or if he is on one of his stubborn moods, a nice hug, and a “daddy, please, I don’t want to leave you guys as yet!” would make sure that he does not bring up the topic for another couple of months.

The mother

My mom is the best mom! All I need to say is “no” or a “ no ma, I want to study further!” Or “I am not able to afford myself – can’t afford to take another person into the umbrella”and it’s all taken care off.

The sister

Well sibling love can sometimes be hazardous. And if it’s a tiff, she will invariably go and demand that I be sent away from home ASAP, and that marriage would teach me lessons in life that would make me a better person. After innumerable requests and pleas, she will come to realize that my exit would guarantee that I take with me all the perfumes, accessories, make-up and all that we shared with so much love. And well, that settles things down, and my sister would never want me to leave her – ever!

The friends

A lot of them are happily married or so they say. And invariably want you to take the plunge to experience the happiness that they go through everyday. I just have one thing to say to all of them – I haven’t found the right guy. I know there is no perfect. But they wouldn’t dare disagree – because according to them they found their perfect better half. Aha!

Now that is what is kept me so happily single. And if you happen to be anyone of the above mentioned people, Please note, I can definitely come up with a lot of reasons.

3 thoughts on “Staying Single in a (re)productive World.

  1. Senior!
    Could not agree with ya more, one need not rush to take the plunge , on account of peer pressure or anything. This is not like a bad shopping spree, where we can throw away what we chose 😛
    Fortune comes to those who wait! 😀


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